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Nonprofit Technology Resources: 2022 Roundup

It’s been another exciting year in the nonprofit technology space. Nonprofit organizations continue to evolve and adapt to changes in our world while technology providers offer new and expanding offerings.

At Heller Consulting, we stay on top of technology news and trends that impact nonprofits. We also see what’s working and what’s not as we partner with nonprofits. And we share what we learn through resources for the sector.

In this article, I’m sharing some of our top nonprofit technology resources for 2022.

But first, let’s take a quick look back at just some of the many things that happened in nonprofit tech this year:

Nonprofit technology resource roundup

Here are some of our top resources to help you navigate today’s changing nonprofit technology space:

Nonprofit Guides

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Making Strategic Digital Tech Decisions – In this interactive guide for nonprofit leaders, you’ll gain insights into key topics about making strategic technology decisions to support your nonprofit’s digital activities.

Transforming Advancement and Fundraising in Higher Education with Salesforce – This guide was written for leaders in higher education advancement to share some of the lessons and insights we’ve gleaned after years of guiding higher education advancement offices through Salesforce implementations.

What to Know About Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits – Salesforce can be used to manage everything from volunteers and programs to operations. In this guide, you’ll learn some basics about Salesforce solutions for nonprofits to help you decide if they’re right for your organization.

The Nonprofit’s 2022 Guide to Digital Transformation – In this guide, you’ll discover tips, trends, and insights for digital transformation for nonprofits. Topics include technology, people, processes, and data.

Leaving Raiser’s Edge: How Nonprofits Make the Change – If your organization has been using Raiser’s Edge for a long time, you might be wondering if it’s time to move to another solution. In this guide, we outline key things to know if your organization is considering a move from Raiser’s Edge.

Nonprofit Webinars and Videos

Building a Technology Roadmap for Fundraising and Communication Success – In this on-demand webinar hosted by NETHOPE, learn about the digital transformation efforts of Salvation Army USA that help them drive innovation and meet their fundraising and digital communications goals.

Microsoft Paths for Nonprofits: A Conversation with Greater Chicago Food Depository and Microsoft – In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how Greater Chicago Food Depository evaluated their technology needs and why they selected the Microsoft platform to power their critical work for the Chicago community. You’ll also discover why Microsoft is a powerful option in the nonprofit technology marketplace.

Tips and Insights on Technology Transformation in Higher Education: A conversation with Cornell University, Heller Consulting, and – Watch this video for insights about how higher education institutions can identify cross-campus business goals and determine the right technology approaches to survive and thrive in today’s evolving business and economic environment.

Nonprofit Technology Podcasts

Building Relationships with Your Donors During Times of Uncertainty – In this episode of our Connected Cause podcast, Vice President of Institutional Advancement for Teachers College at Columbia University, Kelly Moody, and Shane Sugino, Director of Higher Education at Heller Consulting, share tips on viewing times of uncertainty as opportunities to better connect with donors and stakeholders. They discuss topics including unrestricted donations, how to incorporate DEI principles into fundraising strategy, and how fundraising is different in nonprofits vs. higher education.

The Pros and Cons of an RFP for Your Nonprofit Tech Selection – With nonprofit needs and technology options changing, sometimes a traditional request for proposal (RFP) doesn’t get the full picture. In this episode, you’ll learn when to use an RFP and when you might need to look broader and do a technology assessment.

Data, Data, Data: The Critical Role Data Plays in Nonprofit Digital Transformation – In this episode, you’ll learn about the key to reimagining the constituent experience: good, clean, reliable data. You’ll hear advice from Andrew Caswell, who has led digital transformation efforts at the Canadian Cancer Society for more than two decades. You’ll also hear from Heller Consulting’s Digital Transformation Practice Lead, Catherine Moore, on what she’s seeing in her strategy projects.

Nonprofit Technology Articles

Salesforce Announces Genie: What Does It Mean for Nonprofits? – At the 2022 Dreamforce conference, the big Salesforce product announcement was Genie. While Gene is a brand-new product, we want to keep you up to date by sharing what we know about it so far.

The 2022 Fall Release of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit is Here – At Heller Consulting, we’ve been closely following the evolution of Microsoft products for nonprofits. Here’s what caught our attention from this fall’s release of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

The Right Technology Approach Can Save Time and Money for Multi-Chapter Nonprofits – We’ve found that federated and multi-chapter or affiliate nonprofits (those with a central office and multiple affiliate offices or chapters) can streamline their use of digital marketing software to save money and work more efficiently. It just sometimes requires a new way of thinking about technology strategy.

Next-Level Software Selection for Nonprofits – Selecting software for your nonprofit isn’t what it used to be. There was a time when it was a well-established process with a repeatable formula. But things have changed.

Why Customer Data Platforms Might Be the Next Big Thing in Segmentation for Nonprofits For years, nonprofits have relied on using data for direct mail and email marketing segmentation. Take a look at why customer data platforms now have the potential to help nonprofits apply even more robust segmentation to marketing and fundraising efforts.

Technology, Trust, and the Impact of Nonprofit Staff Turnover – These days, employee turnover is at the forefront of many nonprofit leadership conversations. Here’s a look at the impact of nonprofit staff attrition and what the right software and approaches can do to minimize it.

The Nonprofit Sector is Experiencing Its Own Digital Divide – It may be early to point to the long-term impact of the pandemic on the nonprofit sector, but one trend has already emerged: a digital divide. There is a widened gap between the nonprofits that are surging ahead of the pack and those who are falling further behind.

Get your nonprofit ready for the future

As our world continues to evolve, having the right technology systems and strategies in place are vitally important for your nonprofit’s success. We hope these resources help you take the next step in your technology journey.

And keep in mind that our team is ready to help you develop a vision for your technology ecosystem, choose the right systems and solutions, and build and implement a tech strategy that serves you now and helps you adapt no matter what the future brings. Contact us today to get started.

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