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The Nonprofit’s 2022 Guide to Digital Transformation

Technology, People, Processes, and Data

Each year, we take stock of trends and significant shifts that are disrupting the nonprofit technology sector. We share these observations and insights in the hopes of helping nonprofits make better decisions about their technology.

This year, we are seeing a continuation of trends that emerged at the beginning of the pandemic. These trends are coming into focus:

  • The nonprofit community is experiencing its own digital divide.
  • There are more technology options available to nonprofits, and there are a variety of different approaches to building out a technology stack.
  • Many nonprofit technology providers are consolidating, and large companies are acquiring smaller companies. The jury is still out if this will benefit nonprofits.
  • Technology must support nonprofit staffs in remote or hybrid environments.
  • Organizations have been rethinking processes. Some have reinvested or improved how they fundraise and deliver programs out of necessity.
  • Data, how it’s used, how to keep it secure, and how it works together will continue to be at the forefront of technology discussions this year.

The guide also includes:

  • Updates on Microsoft, Salesforce, and Blackbaud offerings for the nonprofit sector
  • Other technology vendors making an impact in the market
  • Technology advice and insights from nonprofit leaders

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