Blackbaud - Heller Consulting

Heller Consulting has been helping Blackbaud customers since 1996.

In our first decade, we were the premier independent implementer of The Raiser’s Edge. Before they were acquired by Blackbaud, we helped Convio integrate Raiser’s Edge with Luminate Online and partnered with them to design, develop and implement Luminate CRM solutions to nonprofits. Our clients leveraged a wide range of Blackbaud products, including BBCRM, Team Approach, PIDI, Sphere, E Tapestry, Altru and Financial Edge.

We currently assist Blackbaud customers with projects like:

  • Migration Planning and Data Conversions for leaving Blackbaud products
  • Luminate Online replacement strategy

Leaving Raiser's Edge

On the fence about staying with Raiser's Edge or moving to a new system? We put together a guide with some important things to know if your organization is considering a move from Raiser's Edge.

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A Business Case for a New Nonprofit CRM

We have seen organizations recoup the upfront CRM investment through long-term cost savings, revenue growth made possible by improvements to the systems, and improved staff productivity. This guide will get you started.

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