Heller Consulting has been helping Blackbaud customers since 1996. In our first decade, we were the premier independent implementer of The Raiser’s Edge. Before they were acquired by Blackbaud, we helped Convio integrate Raiser’s Edge with Luminate Online and partnered with them to design, develop and implement Luminate CRM solutions to nonprofits. Our clients leverage a wide range of Blackbaud products, including BB CRM, Team Approach, PIDI, Sphere, E Tapestry, Altru and Financial Edge.

We currently assist Blackbaud customers with projects like:

  • Blackbaud Solution Fit Assessments and Selections
  • Raiser’s Edge and BBCRM Technology Ecosystem Roadmap
  • Gift Processing and Data Integration Improvements
  • Migration Planning and Data Conversions for those leaving Blackbaud products
  • Business process and change management
  • Luminate Online replacement strategy

We’re happy to leverage our deep and long experience with Blackbaud products to the benefit of our clients.

For more on Blackbaud and how it fits into nonprofit technology strategy, download our guide: Survival of the Nimblest