Nonprofit Technology Strategy

A Successful Nonprofit Technology Journey Starts with a Clear Strategy.

With more than 25 years of experience, we will be your trusted strategic technology planning partner. We will work with you to understand the goals of your organization. Aligning closely with your team, we will take time to understand your requirements. From there, we will help you compare, assess and select the right solution. Once you’ve selected the best-fit technology, we offer hands-on training done by experienced partners. 

We are available to partner with you at various points in the technology journey. Whether you are just getting started or have narrowed your options, our experts will empower you to create a vision for your future state and help you find the right technology to bring that vision to life. 

Looking for a Strategic Technology Plan 

Strategic Services

CRM Roadmap

Choosing a new CRM is often a big decision that requires a thorough review of your department’s short- and long-term goals, the needs of your staff, and how it will work to best connect with your constituents. The CRM Roadmap is a good place to start. Here, we guide your team through a formal discovery process to identify your goals and define the requirements for CRM technology. Next, we develop a plan for choosing and migrating your system. The final product is a blueprint that we can partner with you to execute, or you can bring back to your team to conduct your own selection effort. 

Technology Roadmap 

The technology ecosystems that power nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions need to be comprised of more than a robust CRM. Each type of organization wants to grow its constituent base and do so in an organized way that is cost-efficient. That’s why it’s important to take a broad view of your ecosystem and determine what can stay, what can go, and what needs to be enhanced. The Technology Roadmap identifies technologies that will bring efficiencies and help to optimize your return on investment. 

CRM Comparative Analysis

Plenty of information is available about CRM systems but compiling and evaluating all that information can be overwhelming. Our CRM Comparative Analysis does the work for you. We apply our decades of expertise and create a detailed comparison report so that you can make an informed decision, and your staff can spend time focusing on what they do best.  

CRM Fit Assessment

You’ve done the research and have identified a CRM, but you’re not sure if it’s right for your organization. With a CRM Fit Assessment, we’ll analyze the choice against your goals and then determine its suitability. We’ll explain one-time, ongoing, and maintenance costs, organizational readiness, staffing considerations, and data migration planning details. 

Guided Technology Selection

Choosing technology solutions in an organized way tends to yield higher rates of success in using systems to their fullest extent. Our Guided Technology Selection service takes you through vendor demos, system comparisons, and project planning using selection methodologies and templates. We’re there with you every step of the way and offering recommendations based on our years of experience in nonprofit and higher education technology.


Technology Fit Workshop

Recognizing that you need to add or upgrade your systems is one thing, but defining requirements is a much bigger task. That’s why we offer one-to-two-day virtual workshops that focus on the needs of your organization. Our workshops show you how to assess your needs thoroughly and methodically. Our experts then help you select the best option. You’ll gain insights into the technology marketplace and learn our recommended phases of implementation based on best practices we’ve developed over the past two decades.

Technology Selection Workshop

The number of constituent-focused technology solutions from new and established vendors has grown exponentially, which means choosing the right system can be challenging. Step one is working with an experienced firm like Heller. Our Technology Selection Workshop gives you the basics on how to assess technology and how to prepare your staff to navigate the technology selection process. The goal is to minimize uncertainty and increase confidence as you enter the market. 

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