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Heller Consulting works with nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions to develop and implement technology strategies and ecosystems.

Each of our team members is well-versed in nonprofit technology solutions, and we work as your partner to identify and implement systems that will meet your specific needs and support your goals. Our work doesn’t stop there. We know that technology doesn’t solve problems, people do. That’s why we offer change management services from our certified change practitioners. They show your staff how to prepare for and adapt to your new technology system.

Strategy and Planning  »

The technologies that nonprofits and higher education institutions choose  touch every corner of the organization, from how you fundraise, market, and report on your impact.  It’s important to be discerning when choosing a technology partner to guide you through that process. Heller Consulting works with you to define your goals and develop a clear technology strategy. With a detailed plan, we can see where you need to go and how we’ll get there, together. Taking a considered path helps to ensure better outcomes for your constituents and as importantly, your team.

Implementation  »

How well a strategy is executed is just as important as the plan itself. We take a step-by-step approach using best practices to guide us on the implementation of your system. We’ll help you successfully align strategy, technology, people, and processes to boost productivity and maximize your return-on-investment.

Change Management  »

Introducing a new technology solution in a nonprofit or higher education institution can bring with it a lot of excitement but also some reservations. Helping people acclimate to a system through thoughtful change management is important to successful adoption. Our certified change management practitioners are highly adept at helping organizations embrace change and transition to a new way of working.

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