Our executive guides are designed for leaders at nonprofits and higher education institutions of all sizes. Our hope is that these equip you make better decisions for your organization as you adapt and evolve your technology strategy in this ever-changing landscape. If you have any questions, or just want to chat about one of our guides, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss.

CRM and fundraising best practices

A Look at the Evolving World of CRM through the Lens of Fundraising Best Practices

In the last few years, charitable giving has changed in fundamental ways — and so have the constituent relationship management (CRM) to...
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effective executive sponsorship

The Secret Weapon of Nonprofit Technology Transformation

The key to achieving successful technology transformation is effective change management, and what’s needed to manage that change is Download Now

Understanding CRM for Nonprofits

Constituent relationship management (CRM) for nonprofit organizations has been around for almost two decades. And while it is not new, th...
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Preventing Unexpected Costs in CRM Implementations

Preventing Unexpected Costs in CRM Implementations

Your organization is stuck in the 20th century, technology-wise and it’s taking a toll on your ability to work effectively. You turn to...
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Communications Toolkit for System GoLive

Change is hard for most people and launching a new CRM system introduces a level of change that can be surprising. “It’s just a piece...
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