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The Basics of Salesforce Solutions for Nonprofits

You may be considering using Salesforce solutions for your nonprofit organization. But your choices in Salesforce offerings are different than they once were – even just a year ago. Today, you have more options.

In the past, if nonprofits wanted to adopt Salesforce, the primary approach was to adopt Sales and Service Cloud for core customer relationship management (CRM) functionality and then opt for one or more managed packages built for nonprofits. The most popular packages were Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for fundraising, the Program Management Module, and Volunteers for Salesforce. These were distinct packages designed for specific nonprofit functions.

Now nonprofits have another option.

In addition to managed packages for nonprofits, Salesforce now offers the new Nonprofit Cloud. This offering gives nonprofit organizations – especially those with multiple Salesforce administrators or developers – the opportunity to take their use of Salesforce data and CRM to the next level, with the ability to unify different types of data across fundraising, marketing, and programs, plus the ability to use powerful new capabilities that are baked into the new Nonprofit Cloud.

The bottom line is that if your organization is considering using Salesforce, you now have a choice: Either use a managed package approach (as many nonprofits have done for years) or choose to be an early adopter of the new Nonprofit Cloud.

This guide covers your options, benefits of Salesforce, and key functionalities for nonprofits.