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Target Your Nonprofit’s Prospects More Effectively with New Marketing Cloud Conditional Completion Actions

If your nonprofit uses Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), you probably know that it’s a powerful marketing automation tool in the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce is continually rolling out new features and enhancements for Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, making it an even more robust tool.

One of the recent Marketing Cloud Account Engagement enhancements that we’re excited about here at Heller Consulting is the addition of conditionalization capabilities to the Completion Actions functionality in the product. This enhancement makes it even easier to target your prospects – from donors and volunteers to program participants.

Let’s take a closer look at this product enhancement and its possibilities.

What are Completion Actions?

In case you’re new to Marketing Cloud: Completion Actions are automated actions that you can add to your emails, forms, landing pages, files, and other assets. They are triggered automatically when a prospect interacts or engages (for example, submits a form or clicks on a link) with one of your assets. Some of the most common uses of Completion Actions are:

  • Adding or removing a prospect from a list
  • Adding or removing a prospect from a campaign
  • Assigning a prospect to a specific staff member in an organization for follow-up

What does “conditional” bring to the table?

In the past, a Completion Action in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement was all or nothing. So, any prospect that completed a specified form would be added to a specified list. Conditional Completion Actions take this a step further, allowing you to specify and apply specific criteria to trigger various actions based on participant interactions.

For instance, say the “contact us” form on your website allows site visitors to select one of five options for them to indicate why they are contacting your organization. You can set up Conditional Completion Actions to automatically route form submissions to specific staff members in your organization based on the option selected by each site visitor.

Another example: Say you’re sending an email that includes links related to three separate topics: volunteerism, fundraising, and one of your organization’s upcoming events. You could set up Conditional Completion Actions to automatically:

  • Add anyone who clicks on the volunteerism link to the list for your next volunteer opportunities email communication

  • Route details of anyone who clicks on the fundraising link to your development manager for a fundraising follow-up

  • Add anyone who clicks on the upcoming events link to your next event invitation

Learn more about marketing automation for nonprofits: Read the guide, Formula for Nonprofit Marketing Automation Success.

Considerations for using Conditional Completion Actions in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

There are a few things to keep in mind when using the new conditional capabilities for Completion Actions in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement:

  • Currently, you can add up to 15 total Completion Actions and up to six Conditional Completion Actions to an asset.

  • Conditional Completion Actions are not retroactive. In other words, once you set them up, they’ll apply only to prospect interactions from that point forward.

  • The conditional enhancement for email communications is available only in the Lightning email builder tool. It’s not available in the “classic” email editor tool.

We’re excited about the potential uses of Conditional Completion Actions for more targeted marketing automation. If you’d like to talk about the possibilities of this enhanced functionality for your nonprofit, the Heller Consulting team is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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