Salsa Labs Products Are Going Away – What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know Salsa Labs Products Are Going Away – What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know - Heller Consulting

Salsa Labs Products Are Going Away – What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

In September 2022, Bonterra, the parent company of many nonprofit-specific technology solutions, including EveryAction and Network for Good, announced that it is sunsetting its Salsa products in early 2024.

If your nonprofit uses a Salsa product, what do you need to know?

Here are some basics that you should know if you’re a current Salsa client:

  • Bonterra will give you the option of migrating to either EveryAction or Network for Good by the end of 2023. By migrating to EveryAction, you’ll have your data for digital and offline giving activities all in one place. There will be dedicated training courses and free access to EveryAction Academy for Salsa clients.
  • Most clients will go through an automated process to move donor and gift information to the new product, and a Bonterra migration specialist will be guiding your team through that process.
  • If your nonprofit has a more complex configuration, then you will go through an individualized migration.

The nonprofit technology landscape is shifting. Stay ahead of the curve in 2023.

Things to consider as you move off of Salsa products

As with any technology change, now is a great time to evaluate your technology and processes. Here are three big areas to think about:

1. Your business processes

Moving to new software is a great opportunity to rethink your business processes. While you’re moving to a new system, you can redefine and optimize processes to help your entire organization work more efficiently. For example, at Heller Consulting, we helped Canadian Cancer Society move to a new software system and as part of the project, helped them refine and consolidate their business processes, resulting in new shared business processes that serve everyone’s needs across the entire organization. That’s just one example of how we’ve helped nonprofits both move to new software and take that opportunity to find new efficiencies.

2. New functionality

Now might be a great time to add any functionality that you’ve been thinking about adding. For example, if your team has considered adding SMS into your technology stack, now might a good time to add it while you’re already in transition to a new system.

3. Change management

While streamlining processes and adding new functionality can be well worth it to operate more efficiently and effectively, change can make staff nervous and even resistant to a new way of doing things if it isn’t handled in a thoughtful way. So, be sure to incorporate change management into your technology plan. Here are a few change management resources to help your team as you prepare for migration to new technology:

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