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The Nonprofit’s Guide to Change Management – Demystifying Change During Projects

Change, even when it moves us forward, can be stressful and unsettling.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced nonprofits along with the rest of the world to adapt and rapidly change. Organizations are changing how they operate and deliver missions, all while supporting their staff members who are facing unprecedented amounts of change at work and in their personal lives.

Change management helps grease the wheels toward transition by methodically building buy-in among people impacted by change, providing information they need to understand and adapt to a new normal, supporting them through that transition, and reinforcing behaviors that are required for them to be successful.

We wrote this practical guide with nonprofit leaders in mind. Our certified change management experts share an overview of key concepts that we’ve distilled from the discipline of change management, share wisdom from Heller’s change management experts, and provide real-life examples of nonprofit change successes. We also include several hands-on worksheets that you can bring back to your team so you can start building change skills in your organization today.

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