Transforming Advancement and Fundraising in Higher Education with Salesforce

Are you anticipating and meeting your alumni needs? Are you prepared to provide an outstanding experience and engage across their preferred digital channels? Are you attuned to your donors’ values, interests, and preferences? These are complicated questions that can only be addressed with the help of reliable data and robust technology to facilitate interactions. 

Multi-faceted engagement, smart segmentation, and positive user experience require new ways of thinking about technology. Transforming your infrastructure and how you use technology is complex.

This guide was written for leaders in higher education advancement to share some of the lessons and insights we have gleaned after years of implementing and guiding higher education advancement offices through Salesforce implementations.

The guide includes:

  • Best practices for planning a Salesforce implementation
  • Details on what's possible with the nimble Salesforce platform
  • How to extend the Salesforce platform with ascend, an advancement tool built by UC Innovation 
  • Typical applications used by higher education advancement offices 
  • How to incorporate change management in your Salesforce implementation project 

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