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Mike Kirkpatrick

Prior to joining Heller Consulting, Mike spent over 20 years in strategic and technical leadership positions in both nonprofit and higher education organizations. Drawing upon years of experience at the Canadian Cancer Society in marketing, online fundraising and digital, he brings ...Read More

Natalie Harvey

Natalie has had the privilege of creating dynamic content, leading digital engagement strategies, and facilitating knowledge sharing by conveying organizational thought leadership for nationally renowned nonprofits, including Wave Hill, The Nature Conservancy, The Trust for Public Land, and Mission Investors ...Read More

Octavia Simmons

Octavia Simmons brings a wealth of technical advocacy and project management experience from the finance sector to Heller. Her approach to problem-solving emphasizes the importance of exploring multiple solutions rather than fixating on a single one. Octavia champions the use ...Read More

Okiemute Numa

Okiemute joined Heller Consulting after years of strong project management experience in the public sector. With an eye for process improvement, Okiemute has enabled organizations to reimagine and re-engineer their efforts for better efficiency. He also has experience with procurement ...Read More

Paige Deegan

Paige brings more than 16 years of nonprofit development and communications experience to the Heller team. Whether serving as a team leader, gift officer, annual fund manager, grant writer or vaunted one-person shop, she has worked in a variety of sectors ...Read More

Patrick McDermott

Before joining Team Heller, Patrick previously worked in the nonprofit sector for Common Threads, a nationwide nonprofit providing cooking and nutrition education to children and families. He also worked for Americans for Informed Democracy as their Global Peace and Security ...Read More

Shane Sugino

For the past decade, Shane has helped Higher Education institutions transform their operations and innovate in the cloud. Prior to joining Heller Consulting, Shane held roles in Financial Services, Healthcare, and technology, and he now brings that expertise while leading ...Read More

Sparsh Gupta

Sparsh joined Heller Consulting with years of experience in CRM/CE using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. He has hands-on knowledge of Dynamics CE platform including out-of-the-box customizations and configuration. He also has in-depth knowledge of Power Platform and its ...Read More

Tessa Boyce

Prior to joining Heller Consulting, Tessa spent six years as part of Alameda County Community Food Bank's volunteer services team, where she played a key role in transitioning multiple systems into Salesforce. This opportunity built on a passion for improving ...Read More

Valerie Maulbeck

Since she first joined Heller, Val has been helping mission-driven organizations advance their goals, measure impact, and encourage transparency by improving their technology infrastructure. She has helped organizations transition legacy CRM systems to Salesforce eliminating data silos and improving fundraising ...Read More