Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Heller Consulting

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We’re proud that people from a range of backgrounds have found a home at Heller Consulting, but we also know that we shouldn’t be complacent in maintaining an inclusive workplace. Diverse teams have meaning here at Heller, and they don’t happen naturally. They are intentional. They must be cultivated and valued across a company.

Formalizing Our Commitment

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion committee is charged with analyzing current research and reviewing our marketing, hiring, and employment policies to recommend changes that will help ensure that Heller Consulting is an equitable employer and partner.

After extensive research, we are reviewing and enhancing our culture statement, belonging practices, and benefits policies with a focus on equity. We are expanding our recruiting efforts to proactively seek people with a wider range of backgrounds and perspectives to join the firm.

Research shows that teams are more successful when they include a range of perspectives, which come from people of different races, classes, sexual orientations, genders and abilities. Diverse teams are more innovative and better at problem solving. We think we’re pretty good at those things already, but we are looking to continually improve.

We are a Salesforce.org Equality Partner, chosen based on our ongoing work towards driving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the nonprofit technology community.

Ongoing Process

These efforts take time, introspection, vulnerability and a willingness to grow  from everyone on the team. By creating a committee, we’ve put in place the structure for making sure that diversity, equity and inclusion are not incidental at Heller Consulting, but a core value. Whether you’re a prospective or current client, or a potential or current employee, we hope you benefit from these efforts.