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Heller Consulting has been at the intersection of nonprofits and technology since 1996.

We have a practical understanding of how nonprofits work and the tools that you need to raise money, engage constituents more deeply, and ultimately serve your mission.

We’ve built an experienced team of professionals who hail from the front lines of the nonprofit world. From executive leadership to fundraising to marketing to technology; we’ve been there and done that. We match what we know with what you need and then strategize, plan, and implement best-fit solutions.  

Because technology is just as much about people as it is about systems, we’ve developed change management services for rapid adoption so your team can make a seamless transition and start experiencing the benefits of your new technology. The business transformation journey can be a complex one and organizations that embrace a strategic approach, coupled with change management services, are those that will accelerate their growth more quickly and will experience technology adoption more efficiently.

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Your Guide to Digital Transformation


The nonprofit technology landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. This in-depth guide takes you through how to align tech, people, and data.

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The Nonprofit's Guide to Change Management


A practical guide for nonprofit leaders navigating change.

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