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Smoothly Transition Your Nonprofit to New Technology

Change management can minimize risk and maximize buy in at your nonprofit or higher education institution.

Change management helps people across your organization understand why and how a project is happening so that they’re more likely to support it, disruption is minimized, and the entire project is more likely to succeed.

We incorporate change management into all of our services. Our certified change management experts use industry-proven methodologies to identify and mitigate (or manage) project resistance that can arise before, during, and after technology implementations.

Our Change Management Services Include:

Implementation Readiness & User Adoption Planning

To ensure a smooth transition to new technology, we assess your organizational readiness and create a custom plan to address issues and provide a clear path forward. Keeping the needs of your staff top-of-mind, we integrate their needs into each planning stage.

User Adoption & Launch Planning

Taking your staff into consideration early in the process of your technology implementation reduces risk and increases the chance of successful user adoption. We work with you to address issues and prepare for launch by training users in a way that is cooperative, positive, and benefits the whole team.

Stabilization & Enablement

New technology can be intimidating, especially when staff feels pressure to use it proficiently right away. We identify and address specific staff issues using quantitative and qualitative metrics from surveys, real-time business metrics, and reports to evaluate indicators of (or lack of) user adoption and proficiency. We uncover barriers to adoption and provide strategies to work through them with your staff so that they feel comfortable and can fully benefit from the technology.

The Nonprofit's Guide to Change Management


A practical guide for nonprofit leaders navigating change.

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Project Communication Plan


Road tested project communication techniques for every phase of a technology implementation. Download and start using today no matter where you are in your technology journey.

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