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Our team of certified change practitioners helps you navigate your technology initiative from planning to implementation to launch.

We’ll guide you through each step to ensure your team is comfortable and prepared to start using new technology.

We take change management in nonprofits and higher ed seriously. Our team members hold Association of Change Management Professionals CCMP (Certified Change Management Professionals) and CQ® (Change Intelligence®) Professional Change Leader certifications. Our team utilizes industry-proven methodologies to help our clients achieve successful transformation across their organizations. We are skilled in identifying and mitigating (or managing) project resistance that arises before, during and after technology implementations.

We offer several change management services listed below and can also tailor a program to your specific challenges and requirements.

Implementation Readiness & User Adoption Planning

Our change management services start at the beginning of your project. To ensure a smooth transition to the new technology, we assess your organizational readiness and create a custom plan to address issues and provide a clear path forward. Keeping the needs of your staff top-of-mind always, we integrate their needs into each planning stage.  

User Adoption & Launch Planning

Taking your staff into consideration early in the process of your CRM implementation reduces risk and increases the chance of successful adoption. The User Adoption and Launch Planning service utilizes proven strategies to address potential pushback. We work with you to address issues and prepare for launch by training in a way that is cooperative, positive, and benefits the whole team.     

Stabilization & Enablement

New technology tools can be intimidating, especially when the staff feels pressure to use them proficiently right away. Our Stabilization & Enablement service identifies and addresses specific staff issues using quantitative and qualitative metrics like surveys, real-time business metrics, and reports to evaluate indicators of (or lack of) user adoption and proficiency. We identify barriers to adoption and provide strategies to work through them with your staff so that they feel comfortable and can fully benefit from the technology.

Project Assessment & Recovery Path

Busy schedules and competing priorities can take their toll on projects. What seemed like a well-planned initiative can quickly go off track. Heller Consulting’s Project Assessment & Recovery Path service gives you an outsider’s perspective on your project by reviewing your goals, tactics, and timeline. This service will help you refocus and move forward with confidence.  

Change Management Bootcamp

For those who really want to go deep into change management approaches, we offer a Change Management Bootcamp. This bespoke service teaches you about effective change management strategies through a series of presentations and workshops.

The Nonprofit's Guide to Change Management


A practical guide for nonprofit leaders navigating change.

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Project Communication Plan


Road tested project communication techniques for every phase of a technology implementation. Download and start using today no matter where you are in your technology journey.

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