Nonprofit CRM Implementation - Implementation

As a nonprofit leader, you don’t invest in new technology implementation just for the sake of having new technology.

It’s a strategic investment needed to support your organization’s goals, address challenges, and further your mission. That’s why we take a strategic and tailored approach to our nonprofit technology implementation services.

A successful technology implementation transforms your whole organization through a multi-step process. Here’s how we partner with you to implement technology in a way that will make a real and positive difference for your organization: 

Create a Vision

We’ll help you explore how a new solution can strategically support your people and operations.

Leverage Our Collective Industry Experience

You’ll benefit from our experience working in and with nonprofit organizations to strategize and implement best practices that imbue your organization’s culture and values.

Harness Our Deep Technical Expertise

The Heller team will streamline and align your business practices through our proven services and techniques.

Provide Project Oversight

We know how important it is to keep your technology implementation on time and on budget, so clear communication and strict project oversight are top-of-mind for our team.

Utilize Change Management Techniques

Industry-tested change management services ensure not just expert installation, but successful user adoption.

Help Your Organization Become Self-Sufficient

We implement technology in a way that makes it as easy as possible for your organization to adopt and administer it on your own, so you don’t have to rely on us in the future every time you want to make a change. 

Keep Costs Clear and Reliable

We don’t present you with a low-cost estimate just to win your business, and then surprise you with change orders down the road. We look at the total effort needed for the implementation, and then provide you with accurate estimates that reflect the actual expected cost. 

Selecting and maintaining multiple solutions from multiple vendors is often the reality for nonprofits. Our experience integrating digital tools, call center technology and other applications with CRM solutions will ensure an exceptional constituent experience and help align your back-end processes.

A Business Case for a New Nonprofit CRM


We have seen organizations recoup the upfront CRM investment through long-term cost savings, revenue growth made possible by improvements to the systems, and improved staff productivity. This guide will get you started.

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Leaving Raiser's Edge


On the fence about staying with Raiser's Edge or moving to a new system? We put together a guide with some important things to know if your organization is considering a move from Raiser's Edge.

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