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Nonprofit CIO Consulting: Strategic IT Guidance and Support

Heller helps nonprofit organizations get the technology leadership they need to succeed. Our Nonprofit CIO Consulting and Fractional CIO Service are customized to give strategic advice and support, making sure your IT initiatives match your mission and goals.

Nonprofit CIO Consulting 

We offer Nonprofit CIO Consulting services to help your IT leadership. Whether you want us to assist your CIO or other members of your executive team, we customize our services to your needs. For example, nonprofits seek Heller Consulting for services such as:

  • CIO Advisory: Help for CIOs in running complex departments, licensing, and strategic planning.
  • Data Governance: Creation of frameworks for good data management.
  • Enterprise Solution Roadmap: Examination of current and future goals across CRM, and other key systems.
  • Information Security: Assessment of security level and planning for future risk-based needs.
  • Budget Management: Expert guidance on budgetary issues, contract negotiations, and strategic IT planning.

Your team would gain:

  • Evaluation of your current IT state and future needs.
  • A plan for technology implementations.
  • Budget and key IT contract reviews, including SaaS and infrastructure.
  • Written assessments and advice for Information Security.
  • Audit and Compliance Assistance with review and suggestions.

Fractional CIO for Nonprofits

Our Fractional CIO Service gives you the leadership of a Virtual CIO, providing strategic oversight for your organization’s specific needs. Whether it’s for general support or specific technology-focused projects, our service is flexible and effective.

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