TeamChange Services

Are you about to embark on an organizational change? Or are you already in the middle of a change that is impacting your organization?

Change can be challenging for even the most passionate nonprofit organizations. At the same time, change seems to come at a greater pace than ever before. Sometimes that change comes from thoughtfully implementing a long-considered piece of new technology. Other times, change comes as response to an urgent challenge or opportunity that was unforeseen.

No matter what brought on your latest change, solving your organizations challenges will take more than simply getting the technology right. Simply implementing a tool and making it available to your staff does not mean that they will be ready to use it and use it effectively.

According to Mckinsey & Company‘s research, IT projects run 45 percent over budget while delivering 56 percent less organizational benefits than predicted. While there are many project variables that impact success rates, proactive change management is the lynchpin that ultimately leads to the realization of organizational benefits. In fact, for many projects the majority of the return on investment for a technology change can only be realized if your people adopt and use the tool.

That’s why we developed these targeted change management services to support you on any project. Ensure that you realize the full benefits of your technology investment by arming your team with proven change management tools and best practices.

TeamChange Workshop

Overcome resistance, improve team satisfaction, reduce risk and have fun! You’ll find that the skills and motivation gained during our half-day TeamChange Workshop will allow your team to make a big impact within your organization. We forged this workshop in the boardrooms of the some of the largest nonprofits in the country during their most high stakes technology efforts and can’t wait to share it with your team. We pack a lot of knowhow into this mighty session including:

  • Introduction to change management principles
  • Practical tools to put change management into practice
  • Interactive exercises that engage and energize staff to lead technology change within their organization.

Change Agent Coaching

Arm yourself or a team member with the tools and expertise to effectively lead change within your organization. On-demand Change Agent Coaching provides access to a change management certified practitioner for one-on-one education, communication planning, process feedback, risk review, and support during unexpected obstacles. Every project lead can benefit by having someone in their corner to help ensure that people change effectively along with your technology. Your organization will see immediate results of coaching on your current projects as well as build an ongoing expertise within your team that will make a lasting impact.

TeamChange Bootcamp

In this hands-on bootcamp, Heller experts will teach your team about effective change management approaches tailored specifically to your organization’s project through a series of presentations and workshops. Our curriculum will educate and motivate your team to apply change management principles to your real-world projects. The TeamChange Bootcamp ensures that your new technology project has a strong start or can be used to boost a project already underway. Your team will walk away with:

  • A working draft of your change management plan
  • A toolkit and the skills they need to begin managing change effectively
  • An understanding of the qualities of an effective change leader
  • One day onsite or a remote equivalent guided sessions and exercises

Interested in investing in your change leaders? Contact us below for more information.