At Heller, we provide CRM solutions to help nonprofits help others.

Running a nonprofit organization is challenging enough without struggling to manage your mission, communications, and fundraising. At Heller, we help nonprofits just like yours develop and implement a clear CRM strategy and ecosystem designed to optimize their efforts and accomplish their objectives.

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Meeting evolving needs with an effective nonprofit technology strategy

Constituent relationship management (CRM) has evolved over the years, but the technology strategies used by many nonprofit organizations have not evolved with it.

At Heller Consulting, we believe that CRM is a combination of people, processes, and technology used to deliver superior service to constituents and enhance their relationship with your nonprofit. As donors demand greater accountability for how and where their money is used, leading edge CRM solutions now provide impact measurement unthinkable just a few years ago.

Significant technological advances over the past decade are forcing a change in CRM-related thinking at nonprofits. It can no longer be considered a stand-alone IT initiative that requires only periodic system evaluation and “one and done” replacement. It’s no longer even a single product or platform. It’s now understood as an ecosystem of inter-related and inter-connected solutions.

CRM now needs to be viewed as part of an ongoing nonprofit technology strategy to keep both technology and business processes current.

At its heart, CRM is actually about business transformation. Fundamentally, it’s a powerful nonprofit technology strategy tool for helping organizations squeeze the most value out of the information they collect and process and use it more effectively to drive every aspect of their operations.

Your nonprofit organization relies on its relationships to do the work that helps it accomplish its mission and affect positive change in the world. At Heller Consulting, we help you plan for and implement the right nonprofit technology strategy and CRM infrastructure to make it easier to streamline processes, eliminate unnecessary obstacles, and help your people focus more effectively on the relationships that are the cornerstone of your organization.