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As a nonprofit leader, you face complex challenges.

You’re adapting to changes in giving patterns. You’re dealing with new demands on services. And you’re working out the role of philanthropy in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future. That’s just to name a few.

Technology decisions play a big role in tackling these challenges. At Heller Consulting, we provide strategic services tailored to leaders like you.

Whether you’re new to the sector or have been around for a while but could use a sounding board to sort out a new initiative, our team of executive coaches can help.

Our Nonprofit Leadership and Technology Coaching service is ready to address your specific needs. Other nonprofit leaders have come to us for:

  • Executive level coaching
  • Insights into the technology landscape and best practices of similar organizations
  • Identification of key goals, metrics, and KPIs to measure success
  • Best practices for instituting change effectively within the organization

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