What you buy today should work for you now and well into the future

Selecting the right nonprofit technology to support your organization’s efforts is one of the most strategic decisions you’ll make. We will help ensure that you don’t replicate your old business practices, but instead implement new workflows that increase efficiencies, support communication and collaboration, and optimize impact.

Our approach to solution selection is built on our decades of experience helping organizations choose, implement, adopt and support mission-critical technology. Hallmarks of our process include:

  • Reviewing your organizational strategies so they inform the process.
  • Thinking about people, not just technology.
  • Recognizing that constituents engage with an organization in multiple ways.
  • Appreciating that technology must be flexible and nonprofits need multiple vendor solutions to play together well.
  • Advising you on how strategies and ideas will actually play out during a CRM implementation.
  • Scrutinizing legacy processes that can be streamlined with newer technology.

We bring our experience and knowledge of the nonprofit technology space to each project to help you not just choose solutions but feel confident moving forward into implementation.