Salesforce Consulting for Nonprofits

Adopting Salesforce is a huge step forward for your nonprofit. It’s not just a point solution for a single department. Instead, it’s a full platform that can serve your entire organization. The difference can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s a new world, and we can help.

Our understanding of nonprofit operations and change management paired with our deep technical knowledge of the Salesforce platform means we focus on impactful user adoption of the platform from the start.

We’ve been partners with Salesforce since 2008. Our partnership allows us to keep close tabs on their quickly evolving offerings so we can provide our clients the most up-to-date advice.

We have implemented Salesforce technology for some of the largest organizations in North America. We’ve seen the most complicated use cases of the technology and will apply what we’ve learned from those creative uses of Salesforce to your project. Our many certifications (see below), our 1,000+ Salesforce projects for nonprofits, and our experience co-developing one of the earliest and richest fundraising applications for the platform ensure you’re getting the best services possible.

In addition to our custom Salesforce implementations, we offer Pardot packages and specific services that will enhance your organization’s use of Salesforce after implementation.

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Additional Salesforce Services for Nonprofits

Salesforce Needs Assessment

Is your nonprofit already using Salesforce? We’re here to help you discover how to maximize your investment and discover new ways to use Salesforce throughout your organization.

We start the process by reviewing your existing system, then we sit down and talk to the staff members using the platform.

From there, we translate the assessment and interviews into a focused and realistic plan. At this point, we know your organization, your staff, and your goals. We recommend the areas of Salesforce that you should focus on improving and provide detailed recommendations so that you walk away knowing how much time the project will take, how much budget needs to be dedicated to the improvements, and how enhancing how they will impact your various departments.

Salesforce Flexible Consulting for Nonprofits

You have implemented Salesforce and feel confident with the platform. But is there a specific project involving Salesforce where you could use extra help? With our Salesforce Flexible Consulting engagement, you have the option to pay only for the hours you use while having access to our team of Salesforce experts. We take on urgent requests and come alongside you as you tackle a specific challenge.

We are a Salesforce Premium Partner and an Equality Partner!

We’re proud to be named 2021 Partner of the Year by!

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