Webinar – Flash Class: Using Change Management to Ensure Success in Your Technology Initiative

Have you ever championed or a led a project to introduce new fundraising technology at your organization, only to have users ask for things to stay exactly the same?

Getting leadership approval and budget in place may seem like the largest hurdles, but a lesser known challenge is ensuring all stakeholders are on board. Ultimately, the success of any technology project lies in whether people adopt and use the tools to improve their work.

Senior Strategist Ralitza Zikatanova addresses this challenge in a DonorSearch Flash Class.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to inspire people from the start
  • Techniques for engaging stakeholders with different levels of interest in your project
  • The most effective ways to handle change resistance

We present change management best practices for building and maintaining engagement in technology initiatives so that they can help your organization better achieve its mission.