NGO Connect

Premier Nonprofit CRM

NGO Connect is a powerful Salesforce-based CRM solution for nonprofits developed by roundCorner. Heller has implemented this solution for a significant number of organizations, including some of the largest nonprofits in the country. NGO Connect is scalable enough to meet the needs of enterprise nonprofits, leveraging the relationship management features that organizations of all sizes require.

SalesforceOrg Premium Partner 2017As a top-tier Salesforce Preferred Partner, we’ve completed more successful implementations of NGO Connect than all other partners combined. We’re excited to work on NGO Connect because Salesforce and roundCorner have designed the application to adhere closely to the native platform, maximizing the value of the platform to your organization while minimizing the need for customizations. In addition, NGO Connect provides an expansive data warehouse option in roundData and sophisticated segmentation tool in roundScope. Read more about the capabilities of NGO Connect in the whitepapers below.

Review of Nonprofit Starter Pack & NGO Connect

The Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect are different solutions for different organizations. Each solution focuses on addressing different needs depending on how much fundraising an organization does and what fundraising approaches they use. In this report we provide a close look at what makes the Nonprofit Starter Pack and NGO Connect unique. Since each nonprofit’s needs are unique, this report is designed to help clarify the strengths of each application before selecting one for your organization.

CRM roadmaps for nonprofitsWebinar: Building CRM Roadmaps for Nonprofits

In this webinar we discuss how the CRM roadmap process can benefit your organization, saving time, money, and frustration when facing an already complex CRM project. With a clear roadmap, organizations can effectively plan their strategy and resources to manage the coming changes that will impact each department.

Building on the core CRM functionality offered by the Salesforce platform, NGO Connect functionality includes:

  • Constituent Management
  • Major gifts and moves management workflows
  • Membership management, including benefit inventory management
  • Real-time processing of online donations
  • Giving Summaries and stewardship management
  • Events management
  • Volunteer management
  • Planned Gift management
  • Advanced batch upload tools
  • Rich standard reporting (Download the standard list here)

Heller’s deep experience in fundraising and communications strategies and systems allow us to uniquely deliver the maximum value of the NGO Connect solution to our clients.

Here’s how we can help you get the most from your investment:

  • CRM roadmap – With NGO Connect at the center of your environment, we’ll develop your near-term implementation plan and longer-term roadmap for leveraging the solution that maximizes the value to your organization of both NGO Connect and the platform.
  • Application selection — In addition to NGO Connect, you’ll likely want to take advantage of the powerful applications that work with it. We’ll help you make sense of your options and choose the right apps for you from’s AppExchange.
  • Implementation — We help you implement NGO Connect, providing data conversion, business process streamlining and project management expertise to ensure successful adoption by your staff team and optimal value and impact for your organization.
  • Process improvement — We’ll help you optimize– and document– your workflows, staffing configuration & roles and business processes so your staff team can operate more effectively and efficiently.
  • Software optimization — We configure and optimize NGO Connect’s many features to match your organization’s needs so you get the most from your technology investment.
  • Documentation — Solid process documentation ensures things are done right the first time, and every time. Seasoned managers and new staff will all be able to work the same way, and reference the same steps for greater accuracy and integrity, which ultimately impacts the value and adoption of your system.
  • Training — We make sure your team understands the most efficient and effective ways to work with and utilize your system to get the most out of it each day.
  • Solution Support We’re there for you the whole way to help you manage and maintain your system even after “go-live”.

Data Warehousing and Segmentation with roundScope & roundData

For organizations with large amounts of data and complex segmentation needs, roundCorner offers roundData, a data warehouse providing storage for mailing lists and historic segmentations. roundScope, a Business Intelligence tool, combines with roundData to allow complex list segmentation and data analysis. roundScope also provides the import/export capabilities to interact with your mailhouse and/or cashing and caging operations.

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