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Business_Intelligence_Nonproft_Sector_WhitepaperBusiness intelligence (BI) is the processes and technologies that transform data into information to help move an organization forward, and can be an effective tool for nonprofits to serve their mission more effectively and efficiently. Heller Consulting’s latest paper, Business Intelligence Applications for the Nonprofit Sector is an excellent way to learn what BI is while providing a review of the current BI technology landscape.


Review of Business Intelligence Tools for Nonprofits

Why Business Intelligence, and Why Now?

More nonprofits are understanding the value of CRM to their organizations and have realized the wealth of data that is now available to influence important decisions. Also, the cost of BI solutions has come down, and technology has become more accessible.
Today’s constituents expect a more custom, user-centric experience. In order to create this type of content nonprofits must better understand their constituents. Filtering rich CRM data with BI tools is the most effective way to gain this understanding.
In this paper, Heller Consulting shares their experience and insights on BI, including:

  • An introduction to BI: what it is, key terms associated with BI, and why the time is right for nonprofits to seek the value of BI.
  • An overview of the strategy, business alignment, and technical foundation that should precede a BI effort.
  • A review of some of the BI tools available on the market — including guidance on pricing, complexity, and experience in the nonprofit sector.

In addition, Heller provides a detailed review a variety of the applications available today.

Download Business Intelligence Applications for the Nonprofit Sector and discover how your organization can gain value from business intelligence. It will be worth your time!

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