Strategy Consultant - Heller Consulting

*This role can be performed remotely from anywhere in the United States or Canada*

A strategy consultant at Heller Consulting is expected to serve as an example of the firm’s philosophy when managing clients and projects, and is expected to work on and take leadership roles in the firm’s most complex and challenging Strategy projects.

To be successful, a Strategy consultant must have knowledge of nonprofit operations and experience with technology systems utilized by the nonprofit and/or higher education sectors. A Strategist builds relationships of trust with key stakeholders at organizations, listening to their needs and pain points, understanding their current ecosystem of people, processes, and technology, and clarifying what it is they want to achieve. Depending on the nature of the engagement, a Strategy consultant may be asked to evaluate the suitability of existing and available technology solutions, analyze processes, identify gaps, confidently make recommendations for improvements or new solutions, facilitate decision-making, map out implementation plans, provide strategic leadership, and/or guide the client through successful, sustainable change.

A Strategist must be able to juggle multiple projects at once and successfully work as part of a team, collaborating with peers and clients while building consensus. Because most of the work is client facing, communication skills and a genuine interest in helping people and nonprofits are crucial. In addition to consulting duties, this position participates in the firm’s growth by offering constructive feedback and working on initiatives that enhance the firm’s strategies and priorities.

This is a remote role for a fully virtual company. The applicant must be eligible to work in the United States or Canada. Some limited, company-funded travel may be expected. 


Typically, people who succeed in this role at Heller do the following:

Project Work

  • Perform work as assigned within the Strategy Practice as well as other Heller Consulting practice areas as needed, depending on skills and area(s) of expertise
  • Deliver projects that involve components, phases, or solutions that are new to you
  • Effectively carry out the following client-facing tasks:
    • Requirements gathering
    • Solution research
    • Fit-gap analysis
    • Change/implementation roadmap development
    • Process mapping
    • Facilitated decision-making
    • Writing and delivering analyses and recommendations
    • Change management
    • Strategic leadership
  • Understand high level requirements and/or business needs/objectives and efficiently identify approaches and technology resources that will have the most strategic impact in enabling the client to achieve their goals
  • Self-direct to stay on task while being flexible and creative in order to ensure client requirements and priorities as well as the project team’s needs are consistently met
  • Work cooperatively, professionally, and effectively with team members and clients
  • Lead by example within project teams, internal initiatives, and in all day-to-day work/interactions with peers
  • Take initiative and be a forward thinker around project next steps, task delegation, and project sequencing
  • Travel to work onsite with clients when required, following Heller Consulting standards of dress and decorum


  • Communicate in a timely, clear, appropriate, and effective manner with fellow project team members, ensuring all are informed of status of assigned tasks, next steps, and any emerging issues that could affect a project’s timeline, scope, budget, or overall success
  • When serving as the Project Lead, be directive and clear when delegating tasks

Time Management 

  • Proactively scale work to fit within budgeted time
  • Manage and record billable and internal time consistently and in a timely manner
  • Work with manager to identify priorities when schedule openings exist 

Advancement of Firm Priorities 

  • Actively contribute to and build Heller’s knowledgebase
  • Understand and be able to speak to services provided across the firm
  • Participate in, contribute to, and/or lead internal initiatives 

Professional Development

  • Take ownership of your professional development to ensure relevant and desired competencies are mastered and built upon annually


  • At least five years relevant experience working in the nonprofit or higher education sector
  • At least two years of comparable and relevant experience
  • Experience with technology selection and management
  • Experience leading, planning, managing, and implementing change
  • Strong track record of strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Strong analytical, communication, time management, and task prioritization skills 
  • Ability to lead teams and manage project objectives and deliverables
  • Ability to successfully manage work across multiple concurrent projects by consistently meeting deadlines, priorities, and client requirements while delivering a high quality of work 
  • Ability to navigate obstacles such as client organizational culture, personality challenges with team and/or clients, and potential challenges with industry partners and product vendors to deliver on project objectives
  • Ability to effectively manage conflict interpersonally (Heller team members, clients, managers) and within project logistics (budget, scope, timeline)

To apply, visit here. Please no phone calls or emails.