Webinar: Preventing Project Failure

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, and many nonprofits are looking to use new strategies and technology to increase the impact of their missions. While new technology initiatives can be a boon when successful, they can be a bust when there are unexpected challenges, barriers, and obstacles to overcome draining and demoralizing the team for months or even years.

Fortunately, many common barriers can be overcome or eliminated by recognizing warning signs early and addressing minor issues before they grow out of control. Watch this webinar to learn what to watch for to prevent project failure and effective strategies to lead your team to project success.

We share:

· The most common reasons projects fail

· The warning signs and phrases to watch out for

· Intervention strategies to get your project and team back on track

We also explain how to use effective change management strategies before, during, and after a project or program initiative.

Preventing Project Failure

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Find out more

Check out our white paper, Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofits.  In this paper we discuss:

  • How technology is leading change for nonprofits
  • Why change management is especially important for enterprise nonprofits
  • Risks of change, and why projects fail
  • Drivers of successful technology change
  • Strategies to manage change effectively

If you have additional questions about the costs or process of strategic change management, please contact us. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your specific initiative, and how change management strategies can help ensure success.

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