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There is an exciting new world of donor management applications for nonprofits to choose from today, but where do you start? After the discontinuation of Common Ground nonprofits were concerned about how the market would change and evolve. To fill this need for information Heller created this in-depth review of top fundraising applications built on the platform. is the the leading Cloud-based CRM solution used by tens of thousands of companies and organizations worldwide partly because of its open architecture which allows vendors to develop applications, or “Apps,” that can be installed on the platform to increase its functionality. This report focuses on five of the top based door management applications aimed at mid- to-enterprise-size nonprofits.

 Applications we tested and reviewed:

  • Affinaquest™ by Affinaquest
  • Causeview™ by Breakeven
  • Luminate CRM™ by Blackbaud (formerly a product of Convio, updated 4/14)
  • Nonprofit Starter Pack™ by the Foundation
  • roundCause™ by roundCorner (updated 11/13)

In our resulting report, we share our findings, including:

  • What makes each App unique
  • Important things for nonprofits to consider before adopting each product
  • What types of organizations may be the best fit for each product

Get the information you need to plan your organization’s move into today’s world of donor management tools.

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