2015 Bridge Conference

2015 Bridge Conference

The 10th annual Bridge Conference in Washington, DC was a feast of knowledge again! Every year this event brings together the best integrated marketing and fundraising experts from around the country and this year Heller Consulting was asked to present two sessions on improving digital fundraising and planning for conversion-focused constituent engagement. Both sessions were packed with information that can advance any nonprofits’ fundraising efforts:

Session 1: Starting from (nearly) scratch.

Building a strong digital fundraising program for your organization with only a handful of prospects.
July 8th, 11:15 am with The Doris Day Animal Leauge

Learn how one small organization found help, got started, and began acquiring prospects and building an online advocacy and fundraising program from the ground up.

Online fundraising expert Jenn Smith and the Doris Day Animal League will share the steps they took to get their online fundraising program up and running, the challenges and opportunities they’ve encountered along the way, and results of the program thus far. View details and learning outcomes.

Session 2: Modern Constituent Engagement.

Going beyond conversion to create a better experience for your donors.
July 8th, 2:15 pm with the Canadian Cancer Society of Saskatchewan.

After all that work you put into peer-to-peer or friend-raising event, and despite your best efforts, it’s easy to let your engagement with some of your best donors fizzle after your big event. In this session you’ll learn how a leading organization used both a robust multi-channel annual communications strategy, and a Salesforce driven “Engagement Center” to keep the relationship with their donors meaningful online and off, well after the event and before the next big fundraising ask. View details and learning outcomes.

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