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NGO Connect: Maximizing Its Potential
Bre-Lyn Cober Wong

NGO Connect: Maximizing Its Potential's NGO Connect: Maximizing its potential White Paper

NGO Connect (formerly named roundCause) is the cornerstone in the Salesforce Foundation’s comprehensive CRM offering – Salesforce 1 for Nonprofits. NGO Connect is designed to not only meet all your fundraising needs but also enable your CRM strategy and constituent engagement channels.

Heller Consulting is one of the first Salesforce partners to work with NGO Connect and has more experience than any other firm. From our deep experience with the product, we’ve put together NGO Connect: Maximizing Its Potential for you to provide a practical understanding of NGO Connect and what it means for your organization. We share our favorite features and point out the aspects that your organization will be able to quickly take advantage of.

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Bre-Lyn Cober Wong

Bre-Lyn Cober Wong
Senior Consultant

I have worked for a variety of nonprofits over the past decade including the California Academy of Science and the Florida Museum of Natural History. Prior to joining Heller, I was the Development Coordinator at San Francisco AIDS Foundation, which enabled me to participate in a variety of projects including the data conversion to a Salesforce product and the development of a major gifts tracking system. I enjoy the process of taking on a new project, studying it from all angles, devising multiple solutions, and then deciding which one best fits the needs of my client. I have a talent for listening to people’s problems, helping them gain perspective, and with it, a solution.

I hold a Master’s degree in Museum Studies from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Florida. I am also a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Platform App Builder.



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