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Our executive guides are designed for leaders at nonprofits and higher education institutions of all sizes. Our hope is that these equip you make better decisions for your organization as you adapt and evolve your technology strategy in this ever-changing landscape. If you have any questions, or just want to chat about one of our guides, please contact us. We’re happy to discuss.

The Nonprofit’s 2022 Guide to Digital Transformation

Technology, People, Processes, and Data Each year, we take stock of trends and significant shifts that are disrupting the nonprofit technolo...

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Leaving Raiser’s Edge: How Nonprofits Make the Change

If your organization has been using Raiser’s Edge for a long time to support fundraising activities, you might be wondering if it’s time...

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A Business Case for a New Nonprofit CRM

When discussing CRM options with nonprofit leaders, we are often asked how to evaluate the costs and gains of implementing a new CRM. We’r...

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What to Know About Microsoft Solutions for the Nonprofit Sector

Adopting Microsoft solutions unlocks new and often more cost-effective ways of working. For nonprofit organizations specifically, trading ou...

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