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2024 Nonprofit Digital Investments Report

In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit technology, understanding how other nonprofits organizations allocate their tech budgets is crucial. The 2024 Nonprofit Digital Investments Report dives deep into the decision-making processes behind technology spending, project prioritization, and balancing internal and external needs. We know that success isn’t about the size of the technology budget, but how effectively that budget is utilized. This report seeks to unravel the sources of these budgets and the influences shaping the technology roadmap for nonprofits. Our comprehensive survey spanned a diverse array of organizations across the United States and beyond, encompassing various missions, staff sizes, and budget ranges. There are many positive trends we're seeing, but the report also acknowledges the challenging realities many organizations face.

The 2024 Nonprofit Digital Investments Report Reveals Key Insights Including: 

  • How nonprofits are planning and prioritizing technology investments
  • Focus areas for technology spending in nonprofit organizations
  • How nonprofits are making investment decisions and funding their tech budgets

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