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Employee Volunteering Spotlight: Stand Up KC

When our team members aren’t at their computers, they are often busy applying their time to positively impact their communities. Our company is committed to supporting those efforts. That’s why our employees get paid time off to work as a volunteer at the organizations of their choice.

Consultant and Kansas City resident, Bobby Wright spent that time in 2019 with Stand Up KC, an organization that acts a voice for low-wage workers. The organization is made up of mostly fast food and retail workers coming together to fight for higher pay so they can afford basic needs. We sat down with Bobby to talk more about his experience with Stand Up KC this year.

How did you first get involved with the organization? 

Anther nonprofit I volunteer with partnered with Stand Up KC during the Poor People’s Campaign in Missouri. We helped organize and transport striking fast food workers to the state capital.

What work do you do with Stand Up KC?

As a volunteer, I primarily help drive shuttles. I pick up workers from their homes that don’t have transportation and transport them to rallies, picket lines, and union meetings.

What inspires you about the work Stand Up KC is doing?

I am a strong supporter of unions and communities organizing together to achieve common goals. I believe friends who work should be valued with a wage that all sides agree is just and adequate. Stand Up KC has done a lot of work to keep workers inspired and organized and they are getting very close to achieving a national fast food workers union.

What is your favorite memory this year of working with them?

I went with workers to Iowa in October, and we attended multiple presidential forums. Workers were able to talk to candidates directly and share their stories.


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Bobby Wright
Bobby has been working in the nonprofit world for 12 years, focusing on food access and community building projects. He served in AmeriCorps as a Vista, worked as a volunteer coordinator, program manager, and even spent a couple years growing... Read More