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Managing Programs with the New Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

If your nonprofit is interested in a flexible and scalable technology solution for managing programs, then Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management is worth considering.

Here is an overview of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management offering:

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management?

Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management was one of the first offerings in the new Nonprofit Cloud, which Salesforce rolled out in Spring 2023. It’s built to help nonprofits drive more effective outcomes and impact from their programs.

Salesforce continues to add features and capabilities to the new Nonprofit Cloud, which includes:

What does Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management do?

Salesforce designed Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management to address key functions for nonprofit programs, including:

  • Complete view of participants – You can gain insights about a participant using the Participant Profile, which you can access through an Account record. The Participant Profile is a single place to see a participant’s personal details, upcoming and received benefit disbursements, summaries of interactions, related complaints and alerts, and more. 
  • Program and benefit tracking – With this functionality, you can centralize program and service information to see what’s happening and view real-time reporting on program performance. You can review benefit-specific details while tracking participant attendance by using custom fields on the Benefit Disbursement object.Keep in mind that a “benefit” in Nonprofit Cloud can be defined as any tangible or intangible service or good your nonprofit provides, which could be anything from a class or workshop (tracked in number of hours, or sessions) to food (tracked in meals or pounds) to shelter (tracked in time spent on-site). Each of these types of benefits might have specific data points associated with them, and Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management is flexible enough to enable you to track them.
  • Scheduling and adding participants – This capability allows you to streamline the setup of recurring benefits/services, mass enroll program participants, and track drop-in service deliveries, including for anonymous participants if needed. You can also identify participants added to a benefit schedule. Program managers, service providers, and volunteers can use this information to distinguish between participants added to a benefit schedule versus a benefit session.
  • Attendance and disbursement tracking – You can capture benefit/service deliveries in bulk and enable field staff to track enrollment and participation on mobile devices.
  • Program home page – Quickly get up to speed on active programs, upcoming sessions, and common actions to record benefit/service disbursements.

What are benefits of using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management?

In addition to program-specific functionality, Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management offers many benefits to nonprofit program managers:

  • Ease of use – The product is easy to use, especially if you’re already familiar with Salesforce. You can also tailor the user interface so that each program manager can have the information that’s most meaningful to their role right at their fingertips.
  • Flexibility and scalability – It’s flexible enough to handle complex program management processes. It’s also scalable, allowing you to easily add third-party apps from the Salesforce AppExchange as your programs grow and evolve.
  • Facilitation of collaboration – Because Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management is part of the new Nonprofit Cloud, it can be used alongside other functionality in the new Nonprofit Cloud, such as Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Case Management and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising – making cross-departmental collaboration more efficient and effective.
  • Simplified (and more accurate!) outcome reporting – It also aligns with Outcome Management in the new Nonprofit Cloud, which allows users to define desired outcomes associated with each program, define strategies in pursuit of those outcomes, and define and track indicators and time periods for measuring progress. This can be enormously helpful when determining the impact of programs for organizational planning, reporting back for grants, and other reporting needs.

These benefits make Nonprofit Cloud for Program Management ideal for organizations that use or plan to adopt the new Nonprofit Cloud. It’s also great for program teams of any size or complexity since it is scalable and flexible enough to grow as the organization’s programs grow.

Learn more about the new Nonprofit Cloud

Keep in mind that Salesforce is continually rolling out products and functionality for nonprofits. So, if your organization uses or is considering a move to Salesforce to manage programs or other functions of your organization, it’s a good idea to stay current on the latest offerings from Salesforce and plan how they will fit into your organization’s overall technology strategy.

Our team here at Heller Consulting is ready to help you determine what mix of Salesforce solutions might be the right fit for your needs. If they are the right fit, we can also help you to develop a business case and roadmap as well as implement and support the solutions.

Learn more about our Salesforce implementation services, and contact us to get started.

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