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Fundraising with the New Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud: An Overview for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit is interested in moving to Salesforce for your fundraising needs, your range of options just got wider. Salesforce recently rolled out the much-anticipated Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising in the Winter ’24 Release.

Here is an overview of the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising offering:

What is the Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising?

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising is a new product available in the new Nonprofit Cloud, which Salesforce rolled out in Spring 2023. It provides easy ways to engage donors, raise funds, and drive outcomes.

What does Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising do?

Salesforce designed fundraising capabilities in the new Nonprofit Cloud to address three key functions for development teams:

  • Mass market engagement – This area of functionality is focused on online giving and engagement, supporting things like campaign management, campaign source codes, rollup summaries, and audience segmentation.
  • High-touch fundraising – These capabilities support major donorship stewardship through the ability to create donor profiles, tag major donor interests, and create a portfolio of major donors.
  • Fundraising operations – This area of functionality includes the ability to optimize fundraising tasks such as managing recurring donations and pledges, entering individual gifts or using gift batch templates to enter multiple gifts at once, and providing donor support.

Who should consider using Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising?

Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising is a strong option for nonprofits that want to move away from legacy donor management software, such as Raiser’s Edge.. Because Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising is available for use only with the new Nonprofit Cloud, it’s also ideal for organizations that plan to adopt the new Nonprofit Cloud.

3 things to know if you’re interested in the Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising

If you’re interested in the Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising offering from Salesforce, here are three things to consider:

  1. Depending on your organization’s requirements and existing tools, you might need additional third-party apps, such as an online donation form tool. So, make sure you have a clear understanding of what set of tools you will need, and what they will cost, to reach your goals. If you’re unsure, let us help you determine the right mix of tools in your toolkit for a successful and transformative implementation.
  2. There are hundreds of third-party apps that integrate with the Salesforce CRM platform to help you extend your Salesforce solutions in new ways. However, only some of these apps have been developed or adapted for the Nonprofit Cloud at this time. So, if you have an AppExchange app that is critical to your organization and you’re thinking about investing in the new Nonprofit Cloud, then be sure to check with the vendor that it will work with the new Nonprofit Cloud.
  3. While new features and innovation in the Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising are exciting, Salesforce continues to roll out new offerings. Understanding what functionality is currently available, if it will meet your needs, and how it will fit into your organization’s overall technology strategy can be challenging. Our team here at Heller Consulting can help.

Learn more about the new Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce

If you’re stuck with a cumbersome homegrown system or planning a migration away from your legacy Raiser’s Edge system, or anywhere in between, Nonprofit Cloud might be right for you. If you are interested in learning more about Nonprofit Cloud for Fundraising and the new Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce, we’re ready to help.  to learn more and get started.

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