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Salesforce Announces New Nonprofit Cloud

Today, Salesforce announced the release of the new Nonprofit Cloud. The new Nonprofit Cloud is a suite of nonprofit technology solutions built for the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit Cloud includes Sales and Service Cloud as well as Program Management and Case Management. Fundraising is not included in this initial release, but it is on the roadmap to be added later this year. For the first time, nonprofits will also be able to take advantage of exciting features that other Industry Clouds on Salesforce have been able to leverage. This will provide better visibility into constituent relationships and provide more accessible insights from the data in the system.

As a Salesforce implementation partner, we know that many nonprofits will want to know what this announcement means for the sector – especially for organizations currently using, or considering moving to, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

Here are some questions and answers to help you understand more about the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud:

1. Will the new Nonprofit Cloud impact my organization’s current Salesforce solution?

No. If your nonprofit currently uses Salesforce NPSP and/or other packages, there’s no need to do anything at this time. Salesforce will still support those solutions. In the future, organizations may consider moving into or adopting the new Nonprofit Cloud instead.

2. What does the new Nonprofit Cloud mean if my nonprofit is considering moving to Salesforce?

If you’re considering a move to Salesforce, you can still purchase Salesforce NPSP and currently available packages, such as those for fundraising, program management, case management, and volunteer management.

However, you now also have the option of becoming an early adopter of the new Nonprofit Cloud instead. This can be an alternative worth considering now if you intend to start with Program Management and Case Management, which are available in the new Nonprofit Cloud. However, keep in mind that the new Nonprofit Cloud is still being built out, and Fundraising is not yet available, though it will be later this year.

3. Is there a change to the 10 donated licenses of NPSP through the Salesforce Power of Us program?

If your nonprofit currently has 10 donated licenses of NPSP through the Salesforce Power of Us program, then there is no change. However, if your organization has the 10 licenses and wants to move to the new Nonprofit Cloud, you will need to work with your Salesforce account manager to move your licenses to the new Nonprofit Cloud.

If your nonprofit is moving to Salesforce as a new client and applying for 10 donated licenses through the Power of Us program online form, Salesforce will assume starting at the end of April that you will be using the new Nonprofit Cloud. If you do not want to use the new Nonprofit Cloud, you will need to apply for the 10 donated licenses directly through your Salesforce account manager.

4. How do I find out more about the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

You can read the Salesforce announcement about Nonprofit Cloud for more details about the initial release.

Our team here at Heller Consulting can also help. We continue to keep tabs on new product announcements and capabilities coming out of the Salesforce ecosystem, and will continue to share what we learn through this blog and other content. If you are currently using Salesforce or are considering using Salesforce for your nonprofit, we can help you to determine if the new Nonprofit Cloud is right for your needs.

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