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Key Lessons from the GivingPulse Field Guide by RKD Group

Nonprofits today are facing increasing pressure to not only raise more funds but also to provide their donors with highly personalized experiences. As the competition for charitable dollars intensifies, organizations must leverage innovative strategies to engage supporters in meaningful ways.

To help nonprofits on their fundraising journeys, RKD Group released a new field guide that offers nonprofits concrete recommendations based on the data from GivingTuesday’s GivingPulse report.

This quarter’s report extracts useful insights that relate to the theme of connection—linking community, cause, and individual.

Community at the Heart of Giving

Local giving continues to outshine national and international donations, a trend that underscores the importance of community in philanthropy. Nonprofits are encouraged to harness this power by aligning their missions with the local context and making their impact felt where it matters most. For national and international organizations, the challenge lies in localizing their narratives to resonate with donors’ sense of place and belonging.

Where can technology help?

Technology plays a pivotal role in empowering nonprofits to localize their narratives and align their missions with local contexts. By leveraging digital tools, organizations can tailor their stories to resonate with the community’s unique values and needs. Advanced analytics and marketing automation platforms enable nonprofits to create personalized experiences that not only reflect local priorities but also amplify their impact where it matters most.

Cause: The Core of Connection

Connecting to a cause is complex, depending on the when, what, how, and where of asking. Nonprofits must listen to their donors’ cues, adjusting their methods to create a feeling of immediacy and compassion. A constant digital media presence is vital, showing the mission and attracting donors with powerful stories.

Where can technology help?

Strong technology platforms can help nonprofits uncover audience insights and segment messages based on audience interests. For example, Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows organizations to personalize messages and send communications out based on some constituent action that you define. For example, if a constituent engages with a story, a pre-configured email can be sent that aligns with that story and encourages a donation.

Personal Touch: The Most Direct Form of Giving

The trend of giving directly to individuals in need is gaining momentum, reflecting donors’ desire to make a tangible difference in someone’s life. Nonprofits must adapt by sharing authentic stories that highlight the individuals benefiting from their work. Leveraging supporters to share personal experiences can bridge the gap between the organization and the impact, making every contribution feel personal and immediate.

Where can technology help?

Powerful CRM systems like Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud are developing ways to track outcomes, meaning nonprofits will have greater insights into how fundraising dollars are impacting individual programs.

Strategic Recommendations for Nonprofits

The Field Guide offers a suite of recommendations to help nonprofits navigate these insights:

  • Embrace the power of community by understanding what it means to your donors and localizing your impact.
  • Pay close attention to donor behavior and preferences, using data to inform your communication strategies.
  • Share authentic stories that put the people you help at the forefront, fostering a personal connection with your donors.

As we look ahead, the GivingPulse stands as a testament to the enduring power of generosity and the importance of connection in driving philanthropic efforts forward. By embracing the insights from RKD Group’s field guide, nonprofits can strengthen their bonds with donors and amplify their impact in the communities they serve.

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