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Donor Prospect Research Just Got Easier in Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement

As a fundraiser, you know how important it is to identify donors who are most likely to give and target them with the right asks. But that can be easier said than done. It requires the ability to pull together multiple data points and analyze them to determine a donor’s propensity to give.

Microsoft is aiming to make this type of donor prospect research easier with the new “likelihood to donate” feature built into the Fundraising and Engagement product in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

What is the likelihood to donate feature in Fundraising and Engagement?

The likelihood to donate capability in Fundraising and Engagement is a new AI-powered donor propensity model. A continuation of the expanded AI-enabled offerings in Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, likelihood to donate is now available for all organizations using Fundraising and Engagement.

The model uses a range of data to assign a likelihood to donate category to your contacts in Fundraising and Engagement. The data that the model considers includes demographic data, contact preferences, donation frequency, donation amount, event attendance frequency, and donation trends. Based on input variables, the model assigns one of multiple likelihood categories to each contact, ranging from “not likely” to “most likely.” The model has several default values that you can adjust to align with your goals.

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What can your nonprofit do with likelihood to donate?

The likelihood to donate functionality essentially helps nonprofits find the right donors. It uses artificial intelligence to find behavioral trends and demographic insights from a nonprofit’s Fundraising and Engagement data to help predict current and future giving opportunities for each donor.

Using the likelihood to donate feature, you can understand which of your contacts are likely to donate soon. This forecast can help you create new segments of donors so that you can tailor your outreach to them based on their likelihood, or propensity, to give.

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Take the next step with Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement

Microsoft continues to release new products, features, and enhancements for nonprofits, and our team here at Heller Consulting is ready to help you understand these growing options.

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