Strategic Project Leadership - Heller Consulting

Are you about to go through a major technology implementation at your organization? Do you need extra guidance for your team?

Our Strategic Project Leadership services are designed to advise and support your project team, even when we’re not the direct implementation provider.

By tapping our team to join your implementation process, you will have access to a strong network of experts that will help prepare your team for the technology change, build and maintain relationships with your outside vendors, and act as an extension of your team.

Our consultants are proven leaders within nonprofits, change management experts, and technical experts who will bring deep subject matter expertise to your implementation team.

Here’s how we can partner with you to guide your team through a successful technology implementation:

Focus on Outcomes

We will focus all project efforts on how the technology will be used to achieve your organization’s goals. This ensures you develop a system that will not only meet your immediate needs, but also grow with your organization.

Provide Guidance on Industry Best Practices

We will bring industry best practices guidance to every conversation to ensure that your needs are translated effectively and that you use the new tools appropriately. Your project will have the benefit of learnings from other nonprofits and our own industry experience.

Advocate for You

Our consultants will become a member of your team, advocating for your needs throughout the implementation. We’ll gain a strong understanding of your requirements to make sure they are realized in the design and implementation of the system. We will also provide technical expertise to elevate concerns, answer key questions, confirm system architecture and configuration decisions, participate in testing, and help ensure a successful launch.

Facilitate Decision Making

Many key decisions will need to be made throughout the implementation effort. We will help to identify key issues and facilitate decision making to ensure these decisions can be made efficiently while resulting in the best possible outcomes.