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A Look Back at 2020 and Some Resources to Help Your Nonprofit with What Comes Next

Did you cringe a little (or maybe a lot!) when you read the title of this article? I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Many of us don’t want to re-live 2020.

But tough times can make us stronger if we learn from them.

In fact, at Team Heller we’re seeing that as we near the end of the year, many nonprofits are coming up for air. They’re taking a breath and taking stock of lessons from the year so they’ll be better prepared for what comes next.

What we’re hearing from many of these organizations is that the COVID-19 pandemic and the fallout that followed made it clear that they need a stronger technology foundation. They might have gotten by reasonably well with the technology they had when times were good, but when it was put to a stress test, it didn’t hold up so well. Their technology didn’t allow them to adapt quickly to:

  • working from home
  • changing operational processes
  • adding or modifying programs to meet a growing demand for services
  • scaling up fundraising
  • engaging with donors and other constituents in new ways

Resources to help your nonprofit in 2021

With this in mind, I thought it might be helpful to share some of the resources we’ve put together at Team Heller this year. These guides were created to help nonprofit professionals like you make more informed technology decisions as you adapt and evolve your organization in our changing world:

  • What to Consider Before Replacing Your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System — Even before COVID-19 required sudden changes to how nonprofits operate, we often encouraged organizations to take a best-of-breed approach when choosing technology systems and applications — selecting the best combination of technology for their specific needs. This guide helps you decide when it’s time to work with the technology you already have and when it’s time to consider replacements.
  • Survival of the Nimblest: Today’s Nonprofit Technology Environment — If you’re ready to change donor or customer relationship management systems, keep in mind that the evolution of the “Big Three” vendors in nonprofit tech (Microsoft, Salesforce, and Blackbaud) represents a dynamic time in the sector. This guide helps you understand today’s nonprofit tech landscape and its potential impact on the nonprofit sector.
  • Formula for Nonprofit Marketing Automation Success — Marketing automation tools are a natural extension of your technology foundation. You can use automation tools to connect with donors and other constituents in a personalized way while streamlining program operations and freeing up precious staff time. This guide offers a framework to think more strategically about marketing automation for your nonprofit.
  • The Nonprofit’s Guide to Change Management: Demystifying Change During Projects — Whenever you add or change technology and related business processes, change management helps smooth the transition. It builds buy-in among people impacted by change, provides information they need to understand and adapt to a new normal, supports them through the moves, and reinforces behaviors that are required for them to be successful. This guide includes key concepts and real-world examples of change management in the nonprofit sector.

Take the next step

Of course, there are other factors to consider when re-thinking your nonprofit’s technology foundation. But don’t wait until the next bumps in the road to get started.

Our team is ready to help you develop a vision for your technology ecosystem, choose the right systems and solutions, and build a detailed tech strategy that serves you now and well into the future. Contact us today to get started

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