Webinar: Why Effective Executive Sponsors Are Critical to Technology Transformation Success

How to Ensure Your Project’s Success as an Executive Sponsor

A major technology transformation project represents a high-stakes, must-succeed initiative that can impact functions and processes throughout a nonprofit. In this hour-long webinar, our own Smita Vadakekalam, COO & Senior Strategist, interviews Keith Heller and Sara Oates about their experience as executive sponsors on nonprofit technology projects. You’ll gain valuable insights into the vital impact that an effective executive sponsor can have on project success. You’ll learn about:

  • Why a recent study named executive sponsorship as the leading factor in project success
  • Key qualities of an effective sponsor, and how to engage one
  • What can happen when sponsorship go wrong
  • Case studies of truly effective sponsorships
  • Practical takeaways for your next change project

A Fireside Chat Featuring

  • Keith Heller, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Heller Consulting
  • Sara Oates, Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations, Canadian Cancer Society
  • Smita Vadakekalam, COO & Senior Strategist

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