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The Salvation Army USA Western Territory

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever and however they can. Their presence in the Western U.S. spans 13 Western states, plus Guam, the Marshall Islands and Micronesia, and is part of a global mission to do good.


When The Salvation Army USA Western Territory questioned whether their technology was maximizing their potential, they engaged in a thoughtful evaluation. The nonprofit sought a comprehensive approach to assess their organizational needs, scrutinize current technology systems, and develop a strategic roadmap for impactful software selection.


The Salvation Army USA Western Territory partnered with Heller Consulting for a comprehensive technology evaluation. The Salvation Army team articulated precise goals for their technology use and worked with Heller Consulting to identify solutions and purposes. The collaborative effort extended to developing guiding principles and a comprehensive strategy for technology management and data utilization. As they navigated the technology strategy process, Heller Consulting guided The Salvation Army in prioritizing technology requirements, ensuring a thorough understanding of their current state and future aspirations. This resulted in a clear roadmap, outlining the future state of the organization's technology solutions. The process not only prioritized technology projects but also assisted in selecting the right solutions tailored to the organization's needs.


The Salvation Army USA Western Territory's technology journey yielded key outcomes:
  • Alignment of technology solutions with organizational goals and guiding principles
  • Identification of opportunities to better align people, processes, and technology
  • Establishment of a technology approach guiding product selection
  • Long-term roadmap for technology adoption and use
  • Clear technology selection based on a complete view of the organization's goals and needs
This technology assessment and roadmap exercise empowered The Salvation Army USA Western Territory to leverage technology strategically and move forward with selecting software that aligned with fundraising and communication goals.