HealthPartners - Heller Consulting


HealthPartners is an integrated healthcare organization providing health care services and health plan financing and administration. It is the largest consumer governed nonprofit healthcare organization in the U.S. and is supported by eight hospital foundations.


  • HealthPartners wanted to optimize the use of technology across the organization’s eight geographically-distributed hospital foundations, which each use their own customer relationship management (CRM) solution.
  • Heller Consulting worked with HealthPartners to understand each foundation’s goals and processes, identify shared requirements, develop a shared technology vision, and help to select the right CRM solution.
  • Working with Heller Consulting, HealthPartners now has a shared technology vision and a clear path toward a new CRM solution that will serve all eight hospital foundations while allowing each foundation to serve the unique needs of their local communities.

Challenge: Working more efficiently across eight hospital foundations

HealthPartners is supported by eight hospital foundations that each uses its own CRM solution. The organization wanted to help the family of foundations work more efficiently by implementing a shared CRM solution that would allow the foundations to share useful information and eliminate duplicate fundraising efforts while continuing to serve the unique needs of their local communities.

Solution: Assessment, requirements prioritization, technology vision, and CRM selection

HealthPartners turned to Heller Consulting to assess how the eight foundations were using their individual CRM systems, identify one CRM system that could meet all of the foundations’ needs, and determine how to implement the new CRM system as efficiently as possible. The Heller Consulting solution included:
  • Strategic discovery process – The Heller team collaborated with a steering committee at HealthPartners to evaluate the foundations’ processes and systems. Heller Consulting facilitated this process, helping to keep the steering committee focused on and accountable to various aspects of the process.
  • Prioritization of requirements – The Heller team met with each foundation individually to understand their needs and identify common requirements across the family of foundations. The team then worked with HealthPartners to prioritize requirements, helping to ensure that the new shared CRM solution would meet the most important universal requirements across the foundations.
  • Development of technology vision – Using findings from the discovery process and prioritized requirements list, the Heller team guided HealthPartners through a technology vision workshop to create a clear shared technology vision that included HealthPartners’s and the foundations’ goals as well as how the new CRM solution should support them.
  • Evaluation and selection of CRM solution – The Heller team identified two potential CRM solutions that will best address HealthPartners’s requirements and support the organization’s technology vision. Heller Consulting also guided HealthPartners in how to evaluate the CRM solutions and how to make a final selection.
“Managing the people side of change is often the most challenging and the most critical to the success of any major change. At HealthPartners, I’ve learned a lot about change management with my colleagues thanks to the stellar guidance we have received from Heller Consulting.” – Pahoua Yang Hoffman, Senior Vice President of Government and Community Relations, HealthPartners

Result: A shared technology vision and a clear path forward

HealthPartners now has a clear technology vision in place for its family of hospital foundations.   The HealthPartners team is confident that they will be able to make a strong CRM selection that will align with the organization’s long-term goals. The organization plans to work with Heller Consulting to develop an implementation roadmap based on the final selection – ultimately resulting in one shared CRM solution across the eight hospital foundations.