Webinar: Fundraising with NGO Connect – The Connected Nonprofit

Alliance to Save Energy (ASE) is one of the earliest organizations to be up and running on NGO Connect on the Salesforce1 for Nonprofits platform. Join Joseph Jagassar from ASE, Keith Heller and roundCorner founder Nick Ward to discuss why they chose NGO Connect and how they are using it to develop and execute strategic fundraising campaigns.

Learn from ASE’s Experience with NGO Connect

Watch the webinar below to hear the decisions and discoveries that ASE made over the course of implementing NGO Connect. We will also explain the basics of constituent relationship management (CRM) and provide details on how a relationship-centric strategy can use modern tools to establish, nurture, and make the most of those constituent relationships. We’ll cover:

  • The basics of CRM, and the pitfalls and hidden costs of cobbling together disparate systems
  • How NGO Connect serves to deliver an organization’s strategic initiatives
  • Specific demonstrations of how NGO Connect helps establish and nurture constituent relationships across channels
  • ASE’s decision process on the road to choosing NGO Connect

View the webinar here


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Heller Consulting has been helping nonprofits establish and improve their communications, fundraising and mission management systems for 18 years. Our distinctive methodology comes from our hands-on experience with the technology AND strategies utilized by today’s successful nonprofits to build rewarding constituent relationships.

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