Webinar: ClearView CRM: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

ClearView CRM options enterprise nonprofits

This is the fifth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series. In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Heller shares proven CRM best practices based on his years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

Also presenting are Steve Birnbaum, Vice President of Sales and Kelly Sallander, Business Analyst for ClearView CRM, the advanced fundraising platform from SofTrek. They demonstrate how nonprofits can use ClearView CRM’s donor relationship management, reporting and business intelligence, and operational tools to help their organization connect their fundraising channels for maximum effectiveness.

View the video below to learn the strategies and technology that leading organizations use to raise money and serve their mission.

ClearView CRM: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

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This is the fifth webinar in this series. Be sure to view the introduction webinar that describes the state of the enterprise nonprofit CRM marketplace, and how organizations can effectively begin their own CRM initiative. In this series, we go into detail on each of the most popular CRM solutions for enterprise organizations. View the entire series here >>

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