Webinar: Building CRM Roadmaps for Nonprofits

CRM roadmaps for nonprofits

Nonprofits now have an incredible opportunity to engage their constituents as never before. The long-desired “360° view” of a supporter is becoming a real possibility since the technology has made substantive improvements. Additionally, the competition among providers of CRM systems for nonprofits is quickly evolving. Organizations can get further down the CRM path, faster.

It’s not just software

CRM is about more than just technology. It involves a combination of software, systems, and most importantly strategy. While it is tempting to simply compare software features, migrating to an effective CRM involves considering how you intend to engage with your constituents, how your organization works as a team, and what you need to get out of your system.

A CRM roadmap is essential

In-depth and detailed planning project is the best first step when starting on the path to an effective CRM, and collecting all the details together in a single clear reference is the outcome of a CRM roadmap project. In fact, in our 20 years of experience we’ve found the nonprofits that skip this step are most likely to have challenging implementations causing delays, excessive customizations, unexpected costs, and even project failures. With a clear roadmap, the organization can effectively plan their strategy and resources and manage the coming changes that will impact each department.

Watch Building CRM Roadmaps for Nonprofits to see how this essential process can benefit your organization, saving time, money, and frustration when facing an already complex CRM project.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The basics of CRM and how it can impact your organization
  • What is a CRM roadmap?
  • Why is it so important to have a strategy first?
  • What are the components of a CRM roadmap?

We will also share examples from our own clients’ CRM roadmap projects and explain how forward thinking nonprofits are using CRM strategies to deliver their missions in the most effective and efficient way.

View this webinar now to learn the importance of CRM for nonprofits, and how to get started with a roadmap that can save your organization time, money, and frustration in these complex projects.

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