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Heller is committed to providing up-to-date resources and information on topics that impact the nonprofit community.

Our unique partnerships and associations with nonprofit organizations and software developers allow us to understand the continual advances in the market, and cultivate rich insights. As we combine these perspectives with our own experiences and knowledge, we are able to create reference materials useful to nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

From short, focused blog posts, to extensive white papers and reviews, we strive to share the knowledge we’ve gained with our nonprofit community. Please use this information to help you make better decisions for your organization, and contact us if you have any questions.

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Salesforce’s Web-to-Case for Targeted Support


Welcome to part three of our four-part series with our fictitious nonprofit Coalition Against Homelessness (CAH). CAH is a combination of the issues we have seen in hundreds of organizations over the last 20 years, and helps us generalize and illustrate problems we have faced. In the previous post we saw how CAH implemented Email-to-Case to improve their support of external constituents. Now they are ready for the next phase: expanding their use of Salesforce Cases even further so that they can encourage and support increased growth of their constituent base.

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White Paper: Tips for Nonprofit Marketing Automation

Nonprofit Marketing Automation - Heller Digital

Nonprofit marketing automation is in the midst of a technology tipping point. Powerful marketing automation tools have been available to large commercial organizations for many years, but recently the cost and feature range have become much more appealing to nonprofit organizations who want to deliver uniquely personalized messages. While segmenting mailing lists have gotten us part of the way there, the new batch of marketing automation tools allow for a level of customization closer to the welcome series experience than a general “Group A, Segment C” email blast.

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CRM Vision: An Essential Part of a CRM Roadmap

A CRM Vision is an essential part of a CRM roadmap

Defining a CRM vision is one of the first and most important steps when considering a CRM initiative, and an essential component of a complete CRM roadmap. The CRM vision doesn’t specify all the details of a CRM system, but it serves as a high-level guide that provides a focused perspective on the organization’s goals and aspirations. It also provides an outline of the types of strategies and techniques that will be used to deliver their mission and the constituent experience.

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Enabling Salesforce’s Email-to-Case for Support Requests

Salesforce Case Management Email to Case

Welcome back! This is part two of a four-part series with our fictitious nonprofit Coalition Against Homelessness (CAH) to illustrate common situations we have faced with real organizations. In the previous post we saw how CAH used basic Cases functionality to optimize their internal support request processes and provide structure and efficiency around the fulfillment process. These improvements have been a huge success, and now Coalition Against Homelessness is ready for the next phase: extending this functionality to their external constituent requests.

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Guidelines for Selecting Software Solutions in a Nonprofit: Part 2

Why Nonprofits Select Software Part2

In our last post, we discussed how to get started selecting software solutions in a nonprofit, focusing on high-level priorities, goals, and looking to the future. Make sure you are clear on those points before you continue on! Shortcuts will only lead to pain and frustration down the road.

Now that you have worked through the larger questions that affect overall organizational strategy, it is awfully tempting to start comparing features and prices. But you’re not quite there yet. What we have learned through our work over the years is that every organization has a distinct culture and set of values. The sooner an organization recognizes what it values, the clearer the lens through which they will see their options and the better decisions they will make.

Here are five criteria that we encourage organizations prioritize, before they even get to features and prices. We’ve seen all of these considerations trump functionality in the decision process so addressing them early saves discussion time later.

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National Women’s Law Center

The Challenge

With a strong advocacy program in place, the organization felt there was a significant opportunity to grow its fundraising efforts and engage younger audiences. Fresh off the launch of a new website, the Center partnered with Heller to take its online fundraising and advocacy to the next level through a smart digital strategy.

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Communities In Schools

The Challenge

After a few years of implementing direct response campaigns to support their mission, CIS was looking for an experienced digital fundraising partner to build out a cohesive strategy, develop fresh creative, and provide technical implementation support to generate new momentum and better results.

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Guidelines for Selecting Software Solutions in a Nonprofit: Part 1

Why Nonprofits Select Software

If you’ve been in a leadership role at a nonprofit for any length of time, there’s a good chance that you have been involved in discussions about selecting software solutions at some point. When Heller first started guiding nonprofits with technology strategy, there wasn’t very much discussion needed. The technology choices were scarce, or even worse, not even intended for nonprofits. Some were just products designed for commercial companies with a few similar fields and processes, forcing sacrifices and workarounds to achieve what a nonprofit wanted to do.

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Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofits

Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofit Organizations

Managing technology change is becoming an important topic as nonprofit organizations adopt advanced CRM systems. Driven by the expectations of constituents used to experiences provided by companies like Amazon and Netflix, nonprofits must adapt to new strategies and technologies at an unprecedented pace. Constituents are demanding more interaction and engagement that leverages the desktops, tablets, and mobile devices they utilize in other facets of their lives. To help organizations navigate a pathway through this subject, Heller Consulting is hosting a workshop on change management at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose. More about #16NTC >> We have also put together a detailed guide to introduce nonprofits to the concepts they will need to understand as the path of technology continues forward.

Technology change is inevitable, here’s your guide

The fact is while change is often necessary and healthy, it can a disruptive force, and is rarely easy. Interestingly, it’s our response to change that determines whether we feel positive or negative about what’s happening. Download Managing Technology Change at Enterprise Nonprofit Organizations to learn factors that influence an organization’s response to change, a process for managing change, and how managing change effectively can impact the success of a nonprofit organization’s CRM and technology initiatives.

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Webinar: Building CRM Roadmaps for Nonprofits

CRM roadmaps for nonprofits

Nonprofits now have an incredible opportunity to engage their constituents as never before. The long-desired “360° view” of a supporter is becoming a real possibility since the technology has made substantive improvements. Additionally, the competition among providers of CRM systems for nonprofits is quickly evolving. Organizations can get further down the CRM path, faster.

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