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Heller is committed to providing up-to-date resources and information on topics that impact the nonprofit community.

Our unique partnerships and associations with nonprofit organizations and software developers allow us to understand the continual advances in the market, and cultivate rich insights. As we combine these perspectives with our own experiences and knowledge, we are able to create reference materials useful to nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

From short, focused blog posts, to extensive white papers and reviews, we strive to share the knowledge we’ve gained with our nonprofit community. Please use this information to help you make better decisions for your organization, and contact us if you have any questions.

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A New Reality: Integrating The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce

raisers edge salesforce integration

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of technological innovation that really changed the way nonprofits approached their work.  Raiser’s Edge 7 brought unprecedented sophistication to (and established new standards for) fundraising data management when it first came out. Peer-to-peer fundraising was changed forever by Convio. Salesforce’s entry into the sector pushed everyone to think of openness and expansion in whole new ways.

Today, there’s another shift we’re noticing that we’re particularly excited about, one that brings the best of these prior evolutions together: Solution vendors across the sector are embracing the idea of integrating systems in unprecedented ways, which means that nonprofits can more effectively utilize the combination of tools that best suits their needs. And we think that’s fantastic.

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Webinar: How to Thrive in an Uncertain Fundraising Environment

thrive in uncertain fundraising times

The world of nonprofit fundraising is changing dramatically. As most organizations are planning for the upcoming biggest fundraising season of the year, the added risk and uncertainty makes an already stressful time of year even more intense.

  • Demographics and giving habits are shifting: The Boomers are moving into retirement, the Gen Xers are finally making enough money to give, and despite Millennials destroying everything, they are giving and volunteering more than any other group.
  • Political and economic climates are uncertain: Regardless of your affiliation, it’s clear that politics and the economy are impacting the reasons and amounts people give to nonprofits, as well as which ones they’re giving to.
  • Changing technology: Social media, mobile giving, direct mail, email. Every day seems to bring a new ‘must-have’ app, channel, or technology we need to master to be successful

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Transcript: Blackbaud CRM Solutions

In our third installment of our CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits webinar series, Heller and representatives from Blackbaud showcased the features and benefits of Blackbaud’s CRM Solutions. We hope this series helps organizations learn more about today’s CRM solution marketplace so they can overcome the obstacles preventing them from adopting new technology.

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Webinar: NGO Connect: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits


This is the fourth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series focused on effective CRM strategies and technology options for enterprise nonprofits. In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Vice President of Professional Services Smita Vadakekalam will provide proven CRM best practices based on her years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

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Webinar: Top 3 Missed Opportunities to Utilize Wealth Screening for Advancement

top 3 missed opportunities wealth screening advancement 2

College and university advancement offices have unprecedented access to information about their alumni and prospective donors. Unfortunately, many miss valuable opportunities to use this information to activate donors and maximize contributions to their campaigns.

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Webinar: Nonprofit Success Pack: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits


View the video below to learn about’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), a solution currently used by thousands of nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Built on the flexible and customizable Salesforce Platform, NPSP provides the foundation for organizations to engage their constituents, streamline their programs, take their fundraising to the next level and ultimately, achieve their mission. is committed to helping nonprofits drive greater impact by connecting everything they do.

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Case Study: Using Salesforce Community Cloud as a Worldwide Hub

Keeping a community of technical professionals in touch and in constant communication can be a daunting task filled with expectations, especially when the community is spread over 160 countries with more than 400,000 members. So when it came time to update their community portal, one organization leveraged the features of Salesforce Community Cloud to give their site an updated look and feel, increase engagement, and streamline management tasks.

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Webinar: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

CRM options enterprise nonprofits

Leading organizations have upgraded their CRM systems and are realizing the benefits of effective modern solutions. Other organizations have struggled to overcome the obstacles preventing them from adopting new technology. Fortunately, many common barriers to large technology transitions have been removed, and both the variety of options and strategic transition processes have made it easier for organizations to select and implement an efficient CRM system.

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Case Study: Using Salesforce for Advancement in Higher Ed


Philanthropy is an increasingly critical source of funds for colleges and universities, and advancement and major giving programs require a different set of tools than annual campaigns and online giving appeals. Because individual relationship building is key to securing major gifts, empowering major gift officers to do what they do best is essential. The most successful advancement offices leverage technology where it makes sense: to identify the best prospects, easily manage their day to day work and collaborate with all members of the team who participate in the fundraising process. Our recent project with Gordon College is an excellent example of how colleges can take advantage of advanced technology to help their team to succeed.

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Preparing for Changes at Make-A-Wish®


As I sat in the lobby waiting to meet our client for the first time, I read through some of the brochures on the coffee table.  There was also a photo album that told their origin story.  After thumbing through it, I had to quickly wipe my tears before I walked in to our first meeting.  I’ll never forget that first visit at Make-A-Wish America, and the many visits after. I quickly learned that from local chapters to the national headquarters, everyone is truly passionate for the work they do.  They have to be. There’s a lot of work, logistics, and uncertainties the team has to deal with when granting one wish to a child. In fact, that is how we started working together. They felt their processes had too many steps, too much paperwork, and took too long to grant a wish. They wanted to be more efficient so they could grant more wishes to more children, and asked us if we could help.

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