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Heller is committed to providing up-to-date resources and information on topics that impact the nonprofit community.

Our unique partnerships and associations with nonprofit organizations and software developers allow us to understand the continual advances in the market, and cultivate rich insights. As we combine these perspectives with our own experiences and knowledge, we are able to create reference materials useful to nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

From short, focused blog posts, to extensive white papers and reviews, we strive to share the knowledge we’ve gained with our nonprofit community. Please use this information to help you make better decisions for your organization, and contact us if you have any questions.

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Webinar: StratusLIVE: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

StratusLIVE CRM options enterprise nonprofits

This is the sixth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series. In this webinar Keith Heller shares additional insights and proven CRM best practices based on his years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

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Transcript: How to Thrive in an Uncertain Fundraising Environment

On September 19, WealthEngine and Heller Consulting teamed up to present How to Thrive in an Uncertain Fundraising Environment. This session covered some of the challenges nonprofit organizations are currently facing, and how to use tried and true fundraising tactics along with efficient technology to overcome those challenges

Below is the transcript of the webinar. Click here to get the full context of the presentation, download the slides, and view the recording. Read More

Video: Integrating The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce

For many years nonprofit organizations had to choose a single solution for their fundraising and organization management. But improvements in available technology and an openness from companies like Blackbaud and Salesforce now make integration a viable solution for meeting your organization’s needs. This is an exciting change in the evolving world of nonprofit technology, and opens up many opportunities for organizations to achieve even more with their systems.

Heller Consulting and Omatic Software hosted and Expert Q & A session on September 28 to discuss the possibilities and challenges of system integration, and what it can mean for your organization. We shared a brief presentation on planning for integrated systems and then opened up the conversation to questions from participants. View the webinar below, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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How Integrating Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce Can Benefit Nonprofits

raisers edge salesforce integration examples

In earlier posts by Heller and Omatic Software, we wrote about a shift in approach to managing nonprofit data that is gaining steam: integrating Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce to leverage the strengths that each offer to nonprofits.

This week, we are hosting a webinar to discuss the types of integration opportunities that might be available in your organization. It has always been our philosophy that you should never invest in an integration unless you are very clear about action you will take with the data once it’s flowing back and forth. To help people think about how they might identify actionable use cases for their organization, we’ve put together three scenarios below that demonstrate possible ways to leverage combined data. Consider this an integration vision-board, if you will.

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Business Intelligence for Nonprofits: Power BI

business intelligence nonprofits power bi

In August we posted the first installment of our Business Intelligence for Nonprofits series covering the Amazon Web Services based tool set Quicksight. This month we are taking a look at Microsoft’s Power BI suite. It’s essential for organizations to understand that effective use of business intelligence tools and techniques can transform their stored data into a valuable asset that provides evaluation of past efforts as well as insights needed for future decisions. Find out more on what business intelligence can do in these two papers designed to get nonprofits started on the road to effective BI strategies. Business Intelligence for Nonprofits was released in 2014 and covers some of the early tools adopted by nonprofits. For details on getting started with your own analytics initiative, please download our paper Introduction to Analytics for Nonprofit Executives or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

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Using The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce in Peace and Harmony

raisers edge salesforce harmony balance

Pop-quiz: please close out of Facebook and answer the following question:

‘If I use both The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce to manage different areas of my nonprofit, it’s because:

  1. I’m freakin’ crazy
  2. I truly enjoy working way too hard
  3. I’ll soon be dumping one system in favor of the other
  4. I realize that I can both engage more constituents across the board and raise more money by leveraging the best data out of both systems
  5. I’ve started to ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ – and think just maybe that The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce could peaceably co-exist

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A New Reality: Integrating The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce

raisers edge salesforce integration

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of technological innovation that really changed the way nonprofits approached their work.  Raiser’s Edge 7 brought unprecedented sophistication to (and established new standards for) fundraising data management when it first came out. Peer-to-peer fundraising was changed forever by Convio. Salesforce’s entry into the sector pushed everyone to think of openness and expansion in whole new ways.

Today, there’s another shift we’re noticing that we’re particularly excited about, one that brings the best of these prior evolutions together: Solution vendors across the sector are embracing the idea of integrating systems in unprecedented ways, which means that nonprofits can more effectively utilize the combination of tools that best suits their needs. And we think that’s fantastic.

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Webinar: How to Thrive in an Uncertain Fundraising Environment

thrive in uncertain fundraising times

The world of nonprofit fundraising is changing dramatically. As most organizations are planning for the upcoming biggest fundraising season of the year, the added risk and uncertainty makes an already stressful time of year even more intense.

  • Demographics and giving habits are shifting: The Boomers are moving into retirement, the Gen Xers are finally making enough money to give, and despite Millennials destroying everything, they are giving and volunteering more than any other group.
  • Political and economic climates are uncertain: Regardless of your affiliation, it’s clear that politics and the economy are impacting the reasons and amounts people give to nonprofits, as well as which ones they’re giving to.
  • Changing technology: Social media, mobile giving, direct mail, email. Every day seems to bring a new ‘must-have’ app, channel, or technology we need to master to be successful

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Transcript: Blackbaud CRM Solutions

In our third installment of our CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits webinar series, Heller and representatives from Blackbaud showcased the features and benefits of Blackbaud’s CRM Solutions. We hope this series helps organizations learn more about today’s CRM solution marketplace so they can overcome the obstacles preventing them from adopting new technology.

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Webinar: NGO Connect: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits


This is the fourth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series focused on effective CRM strategies and technology options for enterprise nonprofits. In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Vice President of Professional Services Smita Vadakekalam will provide proven CRM best practices based on her years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

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