Video: Integrating The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce
How Integrating Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce Can Benefit Nonprofits
Business Intelligence for Nonprofits: Power BI
Increasing Your Impact with Salesforce
Using The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce in Peace and Harmony
Transcript: NGO Connect Webinar
A New Reality: Integrating The Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce
Webinar: ClearView CRM: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits
Communication Best Practices: Preparing for Change Before “Go Live”
Webinar: How to Thrive in an Uncertain Fundraising Environment
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CRM Strategy & Design

CRM Strategy & Design ServicesWith a clear vision and strategy, a CRM system becomes an invaluable tool in delivering your mission and supporting your institution. We guide you to develop a CRM vision to clearly define your needs and goals, and then build a detailed CRM strategy & roadmap that serves you and into the future.

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CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation ServicesOur nonprofit & higher ed experts can implement your CRM ecosystem– aligning strategy, technology, people and processes to match your CRM vision– while deftly guiding your team through the changes that will impact your organization or institution.

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Change Management

CRM Implementation ServicesOur certified change management practitioners help organizations transition from one way of working to another. For new systems to be effective, users with different learning styles, goals and levels of interest must be engaged and willing to adapt. We can give your project teams and leadership the tools to make that happen.

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Technology Strategies for Nonprofits & Higher Ed

Better engage with your constituents, more effectively deliver your services, expand the impact of your mission – these are the key strategic goals of forward-thinking organizations. Contemporary strategies and technologies offer a wide array of options to help you realize these goals. For 20 years we’ve been helping nonprofits develop and align their strategies, technology and operations. Find out how we can help your organization >>
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Webinar: ClearView CRM: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits

ClearView CRM options enterprise nonprofits

This is the fifth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series. In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Keith Heller shares proven CRM best practices based on his years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

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Communication Best Practices: Preparing for Change Before “Go Live”

preparing for change before go live

The months leading to a technology project’s “Go-live” day can be stressful and nerve-wrecking. The time before, during, and after “Go-live” are all critical points of change for your colleagues undergoing the system implementation. It’s important to manage this change proactively from the start and to have a plan to manage this change. Ideally, the days leading to “Go-live” day have included a lot of work to prepare your stakeholders. Hopefully you’ve been engaging them in the project by building the awareness on why the project is important, addressing their “WIIFM” concerns, paving the way with clear expectations on training and using the new system, and holding your team accountable to what is expected. These are all the major tenets in the ADKAR model for change management.

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Webinar: How to Thrive in an Uncertain Fundraising Environment

thrive in uncertain fundraising times

The world of nonprofit fundraising is changing dramatically. As most organizations are planning for the upcoming biggest fundraising season of the year, the added risk and uncertainty makes an already stressful time of year even more intense.

  • Demographics and giving habits are shifting: The Boomers are moving into retirement, the Gen Xers are finally making enough money to give, and despite Millennials destroying everything, they are giving and volunteering more than any other group.
  • Political and economic climates are uncertain: Regardless of your affiliation, it’s clear that politics and the economy are impacting the reasons and amounts people give to nonprofits, as well as which ones they’re giving to.
  • Changing technology: Social media, mobile giving, direct mail, email. Every day seems to bring a new ‘must-have’ app, channel, or technology we need to master to be successful

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Business Intelligence Tools for Nonprofits: Quicksight


The landscape for business intelligence and analytics tools is constantly changing. In 2014 we released a popular whitepaper on business intelligence for nonprofits. Since then there have been many changes and new entries to the market, so this series of posts will feature four new tools we’ve seen most commonly used at nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to provide quick snapshots highlighting the basic features and functionality of each product. Organizations just starting to examine their choices will be able to quickly see the basic differences between the tools, and start to clarify which tools might be suitable for their organization. If you have specific questions about getting started with your own analytics initiative, please download our paper “Introduction to Analytics for Nonprofit Executives” or contact us directly to discuss your specific needs.

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Transcript: Blackbaud CRM Solutions

In our third installment of our CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits webinar series, Heller and representatives from Blackbaud showcased the features and benefits of Blackbaud’s CRM Solutions. We hope this series helps organizations learn more about today’s CRM solution marketplace so they can overcome the obstacles preventing them from adopting new technology.

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Webinar: NGO Connect: CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits


This is the fourth installment in our “CRM Options for Enterprise Nonprofits” series focused on effective CRM strategies and technology options for enterprise nonprofits. In this webinar Heller Consulting’s Vice President of Professional Services Smita Vadakekalam will provide proven CRM best practices based on her years of experience advising and leading organizations on their CRM journeys.

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Transcript: Top 3 Missed Opportunities to Use Wealth Screening

On June 27, advancement experts from WealthEngine and Heller Consulting discussed underutilized strategies that can help boost the success of your next campaign. In this webinar, they showed how successful organizations leverage and extend opportunities with their CRM data to identify, nurture, and maintain the most rewarding constituent relationships. Below is the transcript of the webinar, and you can view the entire session here.

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Transcript: Flash Class: Managing Change for Success

On July 25, DonorSearch hosted Heller Consulting’s Vice President of Professional Services Smita Vadakekalam to share her experience in guiding nonprofit organizations through successful technology projects. As a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner, she explained the purpose of change management, and shared best practices, resources and tools to help nonprofits incorporate effective change management strategies into their own projects. Below is the transcript, and you can download the slides and watch the full webinar here.

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Essential Elements: The Project Sponsor


In any successful technology implementation, there is an engaged and active project sponsor. This is the person who is the driving force behind the initiative, leading, sustaining, cajoling, and sometimes dragging the organization through an often challenging process. Depending on the organization culture, they can be the technical lead who is respected for their deep system knowledge, or they can be the relationship wrangler, the person who can easily speak with every team member and department. Regardless of their skills, an effective sponsor, or often a sponsorship team, is someone who is trusted and respected.

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What Disruptive Technology Means for Your Nonprofit

disruptive technology means nonprofits

In the last few years, a prominent theme in the nonprofit technology sector–and the Salesforce space in particular–has been the concept of “disruptive technology”. But what does this really mean, and how does it impact the way nonprofits function and approach technology innovation?

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