Resource Round Up: Heller’s Papers from 2016
Plan Time for Analysis: Marketing Automation Tip #7 of 7
Rachel Shaefer
Bill Baldwin
Agile AND Waterfall In Your Organization
Get on Board with Project Management AND Change Management
Don’t Be Impatient: Marketing Automation Tip #6 of 7
A Salesforce Certification Frenzy!
Webinar: Turning a CRM Vision into Reality
Strategy First, Then Tools: Marketing Automation Tip #5 of 7
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CRM Strategy & Design

CRM Strategy & Design ServicesWith a clear vision and strategy, a CRM system becomes an invaluable tool in delivering your mission and supporting your institution. We guide you to develop a CRM vision to clearly define your needs and goals, and then build a detailed CRM strategy & roadmap that serves you and into the future.

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CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation ServicesOur nonprofit & higher ed experts can implement your CRM ecosystem– aligning strategy, technology, people and processes to match your CRM vision– while deftly guiding your team through the changes that will impact your organization or institution.

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Fundraising & Engagement

CRM Implementation ServicesWith certified specialists experienced in nonprofit engagement strategies, we can help you plan, implement, and integrate engagement tools that align with your strategy, team, and mission goals. We deliver strategies and tools to maximize your fundraising efforts and engage with your constituents.

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Technology Strategies for Nonprofits & Higher Ed

Better engage with your constituents, more effectively deliver your services, expand the impact of your mission – these are the key strategic goals of forward-thinking organizations. Contemporary strategies and technologies offer a wide array of options to help you realize these goals. For 20 years we’ve been helping nonprofits develop and align their strategies, technology and operations. Find out how we can help your organization >>
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Get on Board with Project Management AND Change Management


There was a time in the not-so-distant past when a line item for “project management” in the budget of a technology implementation seemed like an option, not a requirement. Now, with the complexity of moving parts that need to be precisely coordinated, dedicated project management time is essential to project success. As an industry we’ve learned the value of project management methodology and tools, and recognize that a project’s timeline, milestones, budget, and scope need to be monitored to ensure project success.

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Don’t Be Impatient: Marketing Automation Tip #6 of 7

Nonprofit Marketing Automation Tips 6

You’ve selected which marketing automation toolset is best for your organization, so how long will it be before you are executing your strategy? (If you haven’t already, be sure to read Tip #1, Tip #2, Tip #3, Tip #4 and Tip #5.) Don’t rush it! Make sure you take the time to implement the system properly so that it matches your strategy. How effective is a tool that doesn’t do what you need?

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A Salesforce Certification Frenzy!


Some say that Dreamforce is the perfect time to take Salesforce certification exams, and others say it can be too hectic. This year Heller’s team dove in to take advantage of the discounted exam fees and friendly encouragement to add a few more certifications to the company catalog. We are extremely proud of our team for putting in the extra time to prepare for these exams in addition to their regular workload. Fortunately, we work in and around Salesforce every day so we are more than a little bit familiar with how everything works. In fact, one of our team found a mistake on one of the exam questions and earned additional respect and admiration from the Salesforce team!

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Webinar: Turning a CRM Vision into Reality


Room to Read is a nonprofit organization changing the lives of millions of children by supporting literacy and gender equality in education throughout developing countries. As they aimed to expand services to serve more children in more regions, they found their existing systems were not able to support new forward thinking strategies. Rather than simply replace systems, they decided to engage with Heller Consulting for a thoughtful process to determine the best path forward. Heller guided them through a CRM planning and solution selection process and finally led the implementation of the new solution. These newly established systems are critical for keeping their information organized and accessible for their constituents and stakeholders, and allow them to provide services and support around the world.

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Strategy First, Then Tools: Marketing Automation Tip #5 of 7

Nonprofit Marketing Automation Tip 5

Content and planning are king and queen when it comes to marketing automation, so when you have your best materials together and ready to execute your plan, what tools do you select? (If you haven’t already, be sure to read Tip #1, Tip #2, Tip #3, and Tip #4.) It’s essential to find a tool that matches your goals and your strategy, so make sure you determine your strategy first.

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3 Key Lessons in Change Management


When planning a technology initiative, scheduling active change management isn’t always the first priority on the to-do list. This is unfortunate because incorporating change management strategies is one of the most effective ways to ensure a successful project. I had this clearly illustrated for me during a technology transition project and I’ve benefited from that valuable lesson throughout my career. Specifically, I learned the difference between designing a great solution and successfully implementing a great solution is effective change management.

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Salesforce App Builder Certification – The Salesforce Interface In-Depth


One of the newly revised Salesforce certifications is the Platform App Builder Certification. This certification incorporates the skills needed to design, build, and implement custom applications within the Force.com platform. Consultants with this certification have a rich understanding of how to design a data model and user interface to an application, as well as develop the business logic and security requirements. They are also required to utilize Lightning components for mobile use, design reports and dashboards, and finally be able to deploy their custom application. Heller’s own Bre-Lyn Cober Wong has earned her Platform App Builder Certification, and below shares how she incorporates it into her work.

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Create Content FOR Your Audience: Marketing Automation Tip #4 of 7

Nonprofit Marketing Automation Tips 4

When generating and assembling content for your marketing automation program, it’s important that it matches your goals as well as your timeline. (If you haven’t already, be sure to read Tip #1, Tip #2, and Tip #3.) Another vital perspective to consider is that of your constituents. What do they come to you for?

Tip #4: Step into your audiences’ shoes to generate strategic automated content.

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Whitepaper: Introduction to Analytics for Nonprofits

introduction-to-analytics-nonprofits Heller Consulting

Never before have nonprofit organizations had the opportunity to acquire, maintain, and effectively utilize vast quantities of information about their supporters, beneficiaries and advocates. To take advantage of this information, organizations must go beyond basic reporting and explore the quickly expanding world of “analytics”. Effective use of analytics can help determine the value of programs and initiatives as they relate to serving your beneficiaries, building long-term relationships with your supporters, and guiding your nonprofit forward.

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Nonprofit Success Pack is Coming to Dreamforce


One of the big announcements for nonprofits at this year’s Dreamforce is going to be the launch of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). For many years NPSP was known as the Nonprofit Starter Pack and helped thousands of nonprofits start using the powerful and flexible Salesforce platform for their fundraising and constituent management. From now on NPSP will be known as the Nonprofit Success Pack, a name that reflects its goal to provide end-to-end solutions for any size organization to succeed by enabling coordinated interaction with supporters, members, funders, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

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